Mandrake's Bon Voyage

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Mandrake's Bon Voyage
Mandrake's Bon Voyage.jpg
Start date: April 21th, 2013
End date: November 24th, 2013
# of strips: 32
Writer: Tony DePaul
Artist: Terry Beatty
Original colorist: Terry Beatty
Preceded by: "Revenge in Rhodia"
Followed by: "Death Stalks
the 5th Phantom

"Mandrake's Bon Voyage" is the 178th Phantom Sunday story. The story was written by Tony DePaul and drawn by Terry Beatty.

Plot Summary

Mandrake and Narda invite the Phantom and Diana for a masquerade cruise vacation. The Phantom suspects (correctly) that there is a hidden motivation for that invitation. Mandrake admits that the cruise ship has a significant portion of Cockaigne's treasury in its cargo, going to the US for safekeeping. He asks The Phantom for help in protecting the ship's captain against any potential robbers.

The Phantom and Mandrake go on the cruise with Diana and Narda. One of the robbers aboard, a redhead girl with the code name "Cinderella", puts on her costume and attends a dance on the ship, where she meets with her two other partners, one brunette and one blond girl, the "evil stepsisters".

Mandrake and The Phantom spend time at the pool with their wives, but at that moment the robbers take command of the cruise ship, forcing the captain to change the ship's destination to a remote island.

Mandrake has brought along a GPS device and notices that the ship has changed course. Together with The Phantom they visit the ship's bridge to speak with the captain. The captain is not there and the first mate refuse to change the course again. Mandrake using a hypnotic illusion of a large iceberg, convinces the first mate to change back the ship's course. When the three robbers arrives to the ship's bridge, The Phantom takes the redhead's gun and Mandrake makes the other two robbers believe that they are floating in the air.

When they think that always was better, the redhead in one cell says to Mandrake and the Phantom, that his boss was going to kill they with or without the gold, in other dance in the cruise, Mandrake and the Phantom see that one guy dont want the gold and all the time only want to destroy Mandrake, they best option was goes to the remote island.

That day Mandrake and the Phantom takes the Redhead and with and empty gun, goes to the remote island in a little boat, the phantom goes without his sidearm because the boss was expectting unarmed prisioners. While in transit, the Phantom tells Mandrake and the girl that he believes that someone that knows Mandrake very well is behind all this.

When they arrive at the island they discover that Luciphor was behind all the plot. The Phantom and Luciphor say hello and remember the old times and the same time the redhead see that The Phantom and Mandrake are her best chance.

But Mandrake and The Phantom believe that they are behind the hands of Luciphor, the really true is that some kind of Criminal that call himself "Mind Switch" is behind all, this criminal has Luciphor under his power due to a bomb on his neck, which Mind Switch controls by telekinesis. It is revealed that Mind Switch is after the Crystal Cubes, powerful artifacts that are featured in various Mandrake stories.

Mind Switch activates the bomb in Luciphor's collar just after letting it free and giving Luciphor a moment to throw it away, and it explodes. Later that Mind Swicht show him to Mandrake that he wasn't joking about his power. He says to Luciphor to put one Collar in the neck of his brother before he is allowed to go.

But when Luciphor goes closer with the collar, The Phantom takes the gun of the hands of the redhead and shot to the heands of Luciphor later with Five good shots the phantom do tha the collar goes foward and later this device explotes.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Luciphor, a.k.a. The Cobra
  • Mind Switch
  • Theron (Mandrake's and Luciphor's father; mentioned)
  • Captain L.K. Stanley
  • Unnamed redhead criminal (member of "The Team"), sometimes in "Cinderella" costume
  • Two accomplicces (members of "The Team") in "Evil Stepsister" costumes




  • Inter-Intel
  • Incognito Cruise Lines
  • "The Team", a criminal gang


  • A Cruise Ship from "Incognito Cruise Lines"


  • The Crystal Cubes (powerful items from various Mandrake stories)

Behind the scenes

  • This is the first appearance of Mandrake's arch enemy Luciphor in a Phantom story.
  • A character who appears in the masquerade in this story later makes a cameo appearance in a "Rex Morgan, M.D." story from 2017 by Terry Beatty.

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Mini brazil.gif Brazil

Mini greece.png Greece

  • "Η Κρουαζιέρα Του Μαντρέϊκ" (romanized as "I Krouaziera Tou Mantreik"), Blek #20 (2021)

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  • El Informador March 22, 2015 – July 19, 2015 - without the first fourteen weeks

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