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La Freccia was an Italian publishing company managed by publisher Mario Nerbini, at the time established in Rome. Before the Second World War, Mario Nerbini had launched the famous comic magazine L'Avventuroso and, at the end of the fifties and in the earlier part of the sixties, he had contributed to release several Phantom series.

After the series published by La Freccia ended, they were successfully continued by the Roman publisher Fratelli Spada who was able - through modern methods of printing – to give a more attractive appearance to their series despite they basically had the same format, and sometimes the same titles, as the ones previously published by La Freccia.

Phantom publications published by La Freccia

Title Year(s) Issues
Il Vascello 1958 22
Avventure Americane – L'Uomo Mascherato 1959 – 1961 72
Avventure Americane – Periodico quindicinale – L'Uomo Mascherato 1959 - 1960 12
Super Albo – L'Uomo Mascherato (La Freccia) 1960 – 1961 10
Avventure Americane – Supplemento decadale – L'Uomo Mascherato 1961 16
Avventure Americane - Ristampe mensili – L'Uomo Mascherato 1960 - 1961 9
I Classici dell'Avventura – L'Uomo Mascherato (La Freccia) 1960 - 1961 5