Ken, of the Dynasty

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Ken, of the Dynasty
Produced for: Serie Cronologica #5 (1972)
# of pgs: 14
Writer: unknown
Artist: Giorgio Cambiotti &
Annibale Casabianca
Original colorist: unknown
Producer: Fratelli Spada

"Ken, of the Dynasty" is a 1972 Fratelli Spada story by Giorgio Cambiotti and Annibale Casabianca.

Plot synopsis

In the late 1800's, the Phantom's son Ken is studying in London. There, he meets and falls in love with Lara Collins. Her father, Professor Collins is working on a revolutionizing chemical process. However, others are interested in the Professor's work and he is kidnapped right in front of Lara and Ken. Ken follows the kidnappers but is knocked down and also held captive.

Lara writes to Ken's father in Morristown, who arrives twenty days later in boat. After talking to Scotland Yard and going over a list of her father's business contacts, he visits Peter Sonny who runs a paper mill. It is soon apparent that Peter Sonny is involved in the kidnapping and the Phantom rescues both Ken and Professor Collins, and introduces himself to the surprised professor as "practically your daughter's father-in-law".


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Peter Sonny




  • Scotland Yard


Behind the scenes

  • The name young Phantom-to-be is "Ken", not "Kit". When this story was reprinted in other countries (for example Sweden) the name was changed to Kit.
  • This story is unique as it is one of few Fratelli Spada stories that has had any significant impact on Team Fantomen continuity. Lara Collins and her father Professor Collins who first appear in this story, have since appeared in Team Fantomen stories aswell.
  • Ken is identified only as "my grandfather" by the 21st Phantom. When this story was reprinted in Sweden and became part of the Team Fantomen continuity it was changed to "my great-grandfather" (i.e. the 18th Phantom).
  • The story ends with a visit to Ken's grave in the Skull Cave, marked 1879-1917. The current Phantom tells Diana that he died in battle during World War I. This ending has been edited out of Swedish reprints of the story, and is not part of Team Fantomen continuity.


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