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The Martin Kelter Verlag GmbH & Co. KG (formerly Kelterverlag) is based in Hamburg, Germany. It now mainly publishes magazine novels and puzzle books, currently 14 magazines and, until 1988, paperbacks. The Martin Kelter Verlag is a medium-sized family business owned by the Melchertfamily.

The company employs around 200 people who ensure a circulation of around 3 million printed products in over 40 countries.

For several years now, the company has been concentrating on “women’s novels” and puzzle books, while its competitor Bastei-Verlag is concentrating on “men’s novels”. One of the most successful titles is the medical novel series Dr. North, which is now divided into several sub-series. The Northnovels have more than 170 million copies sold to date. Kelter Verlag has its own printing company, which has also been printing gold as a fifth color using the offset process since 2001. The company Kelter Media GmbH & Co KG has also been selling e-books and audio books since 2014. The publishing house was founded in 1938 in Leipzig, Germany.

Phantom publications published by Kelter Verlag

Serialized "The Phantom" titles

Title Year(s) Issues
Phantom (Kelter Abenteuer) 1974-1976 15