Judith Shepherd

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Judith Shepherd
Biographical information
Born: ?
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini australia.gif Australian
Occupation: Editorial people
Website: N/A

Judith Shepherd was a staff member at Frew Publications for 28 years and was married to Jim Shepherd. Throughout her time at Frew, Judith held several positions including Senior Editor, and most recently that of Director which she took on after her husband’s passing.

She was responsible for many of the editorial contributions at Frew, including lettering speech balloons after this function was not longer done by Phosphorescent Comics. Judith also made some signed contributions to the cover stylings of some Frew issues in conjunction with Judy Walmsley, signing as "JSJW".

She retired from the company in 2015, after it was sold to Glenn Ford and Rene White.

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