Jamie Johnson

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Jamie Johnson
Biographical information
Born: unknown
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini australia.gif Australian
Occupation: Cover artist
Website: http://www.jamiejohnsonillustration.com/

Jamie Johnson is a cover artist on the Phantom. He entered the industry as a freelance illustrator[1] demonstrating skill in murals, portraits, comic art, concept and character design. He has received accolades in recognition for his work for Frew.


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"I usually pay homage to the style of my favourite artist (Jim Lee). A more ‘modern’ style to appeal to a wider audience. But that being said it depends on my mood tbh. I like gritty covers so I draw them that way."

On drawing the Phantom - "it’s fun but there are only so many poses you can do. One of my fav pastimes of late are cover swipes (recreating my fav comic covers using the Phantom)" Jamie Johnson 2018. [citation needed]

Phantom works by Jamie Johnson


Hermes Press covers

Frew covers

Lightning Strike Comics covers