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Idi Kharelli

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Idi Kharelli
Biographical information
Born: June 19, 1957
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini norway.gif Norwegian
Occupation: Writer
Website: none
Winner.jpg Best Story (Finland) Winner.jpg

1985: "The Prisoner at Capitolium"

Idi Kharelli was the pseudonym used by Eirik Ildahl when he wrote comic scripts, it is an anagram of his real name.


Ildahl wrote scripts for Fantomen 1981 to 1986.

Among the different stories that he wrote, the "Devil's Brotherhood" story arc, drawn by Hans Lindahl, was considered as one of the best stories produced by Team Fantomen, and has, according to an editor's note in Fantomen Krönika 2/2002, been seen as an ideal story by them.

Phantom work by Idi Kharelli


Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Arms Trafficking" Kharelli Westad ¤
2 "Vasti Riba" Kharelli Vallvé ¤
3 "The Witches' Sabbath" Kharelli Westad ¤
4 "Revealed" Kharelli Aasnes ¤
5 "Prima Ballerina" Kharelli Bess ¤
6 "In the Service of Peace" Kharelli Bess ¤
7 "Diana Abducted" Kharelli Vallvé ¤
8 "Poisoned Dreams" Kharelli Leppänen
9 "The Mysterious Cave" Kharelli Bess
10 "The Mysterious Cave, Part Two: Ch'Gaan's Curse" Kharelli Bess
11 "The Ghost Comet" Kharelli Leppänen
12 "The Ladykiller" Kharelli Westad
13 "The Phantom's Unknown Sister" Kharelli Bess
14 "The Devil's Brotherhood, Part 1: The Red Staff" Kharelli Lindahl
15 "The Devil's Brotherhood, Part 2: Tiger General" Kharelli Lindahl
16 "The Devil's Brotherhood, Part 3: The Final Battle" Kharelli Lindahl
17 "The Man Who Could Not Die" Kharelli Bess
18 "The Secret of the Golden Snake" Kharelli, Redno Leppänen ¤
19 "The Treasure in the Castle" Kharelli Vallvé ¤
20 "The Prisoner at Capitolium" Finland - 1985 Kharelli Vallvé ¤
21 "Guran's Secret" Kharelli Eralp
22 "Rasputin's Puzzle" Kharelli Bess
23 "Mistaken Identity" Kharelli Lindahl