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Help:Wiki markup

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Bold and italics

Use the apostrophe character in groups of two or three to create bold and italics text.

What you type What you see
''italicized text'' italicized text
'''bold text''' bold text
'''''italicized and bold text''''' italicized & bold text

Links to PhantomWiki articles

In a wiki, it's important to help build the web by creating links to other articles.

Put two brackets around text to create a link to another article. If that article doesn't exist yet, then the link you create will show up as red.

You can change the text of the link by using the | character to separate the name of the article from the words that will appear in the article.

What you type What you see
[[Lee Falk]] Lee Falk
[[This article doesn't exist]] This article doesn't exist
[[The Singh Brotherhood (story)|The Singh Brotherhood]] The Singh Brotherhood


You can divide a page into different sections. The wiki will automatically generate a table of contents for all articles with more than three sections.

You can also create a horizontal divider by using four dashes in a row.

What you type What you see
== Header Two == Header Two
=== Header Three === Header Three
==== Header Four ==== Header Four

Indented text

Use the colon at the start of a line to indent a block of text. Use two colons to indent further.

What you type What you see
: Indented text
Indented text
:: Double indent
Double indent

Bullets and Lists

Use an asterisk at the start of a line to create a bullet.

Use the # sign at the start of each line to create a numbered list.

You can also mix and match the characters to make a nested list.

What you type What you see
* Item One
* Item Two
  • Item One
  • Item Two
# Item One
# Item Two
  1. Item One
  2. Item Two
* Item One
** Item Two
  • Item One
    • Item Two
* Item One
*# Item Two
  • Item One
    1. Item Two

Links to other websites

You can also make external links to other websites. Type a bracket, the site address (URL), a space, the title of the page that you're linking to, and another bracket to close it in.

What you type What you see
[ Scandinavian Chapter] Scandinavian Chapter

Images and other media

To add image files to the Wiki from your computer, follow these steps:

  • Give the file an appropriate and suitable name. Make sure you don't use a name that's already taken by another file -- you can check the image list to be sure.
  • Click on the Upload file link in the sidebar.
  • Click on the Browse button and locate the image on your computer.
  • Click on the Upload file button to add the file.

To include the image in a particular article, use the following Image markup tag and substitute the name of your picture file:


Always be respectful of copyright -- don't just take files from other sites without permission.

Please only upload .jpg files, not .gif or .bmp files.

Uploading images to the wiki is easy and free. Please don't post images to the wiki that are loaded from another website, or a service like Photobucket. It's disrespectful to steal bandwidth from another site, and it's unnecessary.

Suppressing markup

It's also possible to tell MediaWiki to ignore any of the above rules using a simple tag:

What you type What you see
<nowiki>'''text here'''</nowiki> '''text here'''