Håkon Aasnes

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Håkon Aasnes
Biographical information
Born: 1943
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini norway.gif Norwegian
Occupation: Artist
Website: N/A

Håkon Aasnes (born February 13, 1943) is a Norwegian comic writer and artist, as well as professional commercial artist.

In 1977 he created the highly successful humor comic "Seidel og Tobram". Later on he came to work with two classic Norwegian comics - "Smørbukk" and "91 Stomperud". He has also worked on several other comics, including writing and drawing Disney comics in the 1970's and 1980's.

His only official Phantom work, "Revealed" written by Idi Kharelli and with art by Aasnes, was originally published in 1982. Due to the fact that Aasnes wanted to draw the Phantom in a style closer to Wilson McCoy, rather than to Sy Barry, he never came to do another story.

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