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Guns, Part 1

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Guns, Part 1
Produced for: The Phantom #1 (1989)
# of pgs: 24
Writer: Mark Verheiden
Artist: Luke McDonnell
Original colorist: Anthony Tollin,
Adrienne Roy
Producer: DC Comics

"Guns, Part 1" is a 1989 DC Comics story by Mark Verheiden and Luke McDonnell.

Plot synopsis

A British weapons dealer, Cammell, has arrived in the African country of Satif-Bioko, which is torn apart by civil war. Preparing a trip to sell off guns to the rebels, Cammell learns about the legend of The Phantom from an old man who claims to have met him as a child. Dismissing The Ghost Who Walks as native superstition he later meets up with General Gamin, the rebel leader, and delivers his merchandise.

While doing business, they are discovered by three patrolling members of the Jungle Patrol, and in order not to get caught Cammell ruthlessly has them all killed. Knowing that the Patrol is protected by The Phantom, Gamin immediately explains to Cammell that their arrangement now is over.

Eventually, in Bangalla, Colonel Worobu of the Jungle Patrol, calls his unknown Supreme Commander to inform him about the execution of the patrolmen, suspecting that Cammell is responsible for it. The Commander – being the Phantom – responds that he will be handling the investigation personally.

Some time later, having understood that his business with the rebels are over, Cammell turns to his contact on the other side, Satif-Bioko's Minister of Defense. Once again Cammell's plans are debunked, as he finds out that "The Phantom" already has paid a visit to the minister, who – noticeably shaken – explains that he no longer is interested in any relations with Cammell.

Finally, Cammell gets to meet The Phantom face-to-face, as The Ghost Who Walks arrives at his ship and finds evidence of his killing of the patrolmen. But before The Phantom is able to do anything about it, he finds himself surrounded by Cammell and his men, all armed.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Patrolman Jackson
  • Patrolman Teeter
  • Patrolman Dupont
  • Ali
  • General Gamin
  • Defense Minister O'Botu
  • Miriam (mentioned)
  • Merriwell

Bangalla tribes




  • The Rabbit's Foot

Behind the scenes

  • When the origin of the Phantom is told in this story, as well as every DC story to follow, no specifics about the pirates attacking the ship of the future first Phantom are mentioned; the name Singh doesn't appear in the DC continuity. Nor is the first Phantom (or his father) named. Rex however refers to the current Phantom as "Uncle Walker", and in later DC stories his civilian name is said to be Kit Walker.

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This story has been published in the following publications:

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