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Fratelli Spada

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Edizioni Fratelli Spada (in English Spada Brothers Publishing) was an Italian comics publisher, founded in 1956, which published many Phantom and Mandrake comics during the 1960's and 1970's.


The Fratelli Spada Phantom production continued a similarly named series previously published by the the publisher La Freccia, a company managed by Mario Nerbini. La Freccia's comics were printed by Stampa Stabilimento Grafico Editoriale Fratelli Spada; Fratelli Spada's printing division in Rome which posseded better and cheaper methods of printing. When Nerbini ended his publishing activities due financial problems, he sold his Phantom and Mandrake publications to the Fratelli Spada company. From its first Phantom release, issued on January 1, 1962 (L'uomo Mascherato #1) until its last in August 1980 (Phantom – L'Uomo Mascherato #96), the 19 year long period of Fratelli Spada Phantom comics was quite an achievement compared to the only four years long (1958 – 1961) La Freccia period.

It is worth noting that the Phantom (and Mandrake) issues also contained many other American comics such as "Rip Kirby", "Tim Tyler's Luck", "King of the Royal Mounted", "Brick Bradford", and so on. At the end of the seventies, encouraged by the popularity of such reprints, Fratelli Spada was also involved in the reprints of other famous American comics, such as "Prince Valiant", "Flash Gordon", which received special individual releases, often published in bigger format.

As several Phantom issues were released each month (for instance; four regular Avventure Americane, two Super Albo and two I Classici dell'Avventura), Fratelli Spada obtained rights from King Features Syndicate to produce Phantom stories, which were drawn by Italian artists like Umberto Sammarini (Usam), Germano Ferri, Senio Pratesi and Felmang. In the following years, some of these artists worked for the magazine Fantomen published by the Egmont Kärnan.

A great part of the issues printed by the Fratelli Spada were also translated into French and published by Editions des Remparts in similar formats at the same time. Fratelli Spada's Phantom stories have been published also been published in many other countries, although sometimes (especially in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Germany) in heavily edited and partially redrawn versions.

In the beginning of the 1980's, Fratelli Spada ceased to publish comics almost completely, but the company still exists as a printing company.

Phantom publications published by Fratelli Spada

Title Year(s) Issues
Avventure americane - L'Uomo Mascherato 1962-1967
Super Albo - L'Uomo Mascherato 1962 - 1967 116 (of 194 in total)
I Classici dell'Avventura – L'Uomo Mascherato (Fratelli Spada) 1962 - 1967 77 (of 134 in total)
I Giganti 1967 7
Fascicoli Spada 1972
I Quaderni del Fumetto 1973 – 1977 5 (of 25 in total)
Phantom Selezione 1976 - 1979 19

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