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Från lila vålnad till blågul hjälte

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Från lila vålnad till blågul hjälte
Cover artist: Sal Velluto
Country/language: Mini sweden.gif Sweden / Swedish,
English, Norwegian,
Danish, Spanish
Format: 17.8 × 25 cm
Pages: 266 pgs, b/w and
full colour
Publishing date: September 24, 2010
Editor: Scandinavian Chapter
Publishing company: GML Förlag
Preceded by: N/A
Followed by: N/A
ISBN 978-91-86215-54-5

Från lila vålnad till blågul hjälte (From purple Ghost to blue-yellow Hero) is a Swedish book, published in 2010 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Fantomen.


The book was produced by the Phantom fans of The Scandinavian Chapter of the Lee Falk Memorial Bengali Explorers Club, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Fantomen aswell as the 10th anniversary of the club itself.

The book consists of three chapters:

  • Tankar om Fantomen (Thoughts about the Phantom)

Phantom readers write about their relationship to the Phantom. Includes contributions from famous people like Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. Some of the contributors have even included their own artistic interpretations of the Phantom.

  • Människorna bakom masken (The People behind the Mask)

Phantom artists, writers and editorial people write about their relationship to the Phantom.

  • Fantomologer talar (Phantomologists speak)

Articles about various aspects of the Phantom comic.

The book was released at the Gothenburg Book Fair on September 24th, 2010. Ulf Granberg was present to sign the book on September 25th and 26th.



Writer Language
Nils-Göran ”Nisse” Carlsson & Kurt-Henry ”Curre” Carlsson, members #1 and #2 of Fantomenklubben Swedish
Thoughts about the Phantom
Writer Language Contributes
Hans Sidén, journalist Swedish
Sture Hegerfors, president of the Swedish Comics Academy Swedish
Ulf Bennetter, gallery owner Swedish
Ulrica Hydman-Vallien, artist Swedish
Carl Johan De Geer, artist Swedish
Riber Hansson, cartoonist Swedish
Kjell E. Genberg, writer Swedish
Lasse Åberg, film maker Swedish
Kurt Wered, writer Swedish
Tomas von Brömssen, actor Swedish
Jan Bärmark, professor Swedish
Olle Wästberg, diplomat Swedish
Finn Zetterholm, musician Swedish
Uffe Berggren, journalist Swedish
Jan Scherman, TV4 CEO Swedish
Hans Lindström, cartoonist Swedish
Simon Treschow, teacher Danish
Morten Fleischer, priest Norwegian
Åke Forsmark, comic artist Swedish
Ernst Billgren, artist Swedish
Annika Bengtsson, writer Swedish
Rolf Lindby, editor Swedish
Daniel Atterbom, journalist Swedish
Martin Kristenson, writer Swedish
Joakim Lindengren, comic artist Swedish
Jonas Gardell, writer Swedish
Markku Haapala, comics gallery owner Swedish
Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister Swedish
Dick Harrison, historian Swedish
Jonny Nordlund, comics artist Swedish
Pidde Andersson, journalist Swedish
Thomas Storn, archivist Swedish
Tony Cronstam, comics artist Swedish
Orvar Säfström, film critic Swedish
Ola Skogäng, comics artist Swedish
Kalle Lind, writer Swedish
Anders Skoglind, comics artist Swedish
Nina Larsson, politician Swedish
Mia Mäkilä, horror artist Swedish
Jesper Ims Johansson, publisher Swedish
Elin Jonsson, illustrator Swedish
Oskar Forsgren, comics artist Swedish
The People Behind the Mask
Writer Language Contributes
Lukas Bonnier Swedish
Rolf Janson Swedish
Ulf Granberg Swedish
Rolf Gohs Swedish
Bosse Majgren Swedish
George Olesen English
Fred Fredericks English
Romano Felmang English
Lennart Hartler Swedish
Janne Lundström Swedish
Magnus Knutsson Swedish
Kari Leppänen English
Knut Westad Norwegian
Peter Friman Swedish
Alf Woxnerud Swedish
Eirik Ildahl Norwegian
Dai Darell Swedish
Hans Lindahl Swedish
Claes Reimerthi Swedish
Alex Saviuk English
Carlos Cruz Spanish, English, Swedish
Sverre Årnes Norwegian
Scott Goodall English
Jean-Yves Mitton English
Christer Thunborg Swedish
Björn Ihrstedt Swedish
Djungelbandet Swedish
Lennart Moberg Swedish
Pete Klaus English
Ed Rhoades English
Tony De Paul English
Keith Williams English
Dag Frognes Norwegian
Olle Dahllöf Swedish
Joan Boix English
David Bishop English
Paul Ryan English
Sal Velluto English
Germund von Wowern Swedish
Anna Jansson Swedish
Phantomologists speak
Title Writer Topic
Lee Falk in memoriam Andreas Eriksson Lee Falk
Ray Moore Arne Olin Ray Moore
Wilson McCoy – konstnärernas konstnär Martin Goldbeck-Löwe Wilson McCoy
Sy Barry – Stilbildaren Arne Olin, Jan-Ola Sjöberg Sy Barry
Fantomen genom tiderna Jan-Ola Sjöberg Phantom timeline
Den slutliga Fantomenkanon Torbjörn Onegård Must-read stories
Fantomenprylar Björn Harnby, Arne Olin, Torbjörn Onegård Phantom memorabilia
Fantomens färg är (nästan) aldrig fel Magnus Eriksson Phantom costume colors
Dragos – den mystiske mannen Andreas Eriksson The Swedish Phantom-name 'Dragos'
Fantomen på film Jan-Ola Sjöberg Phantom films
Fantomen i konsten Torbjörn Onegård Phantom in art
Figurer i Fantomen – Alla har en åsikt Magnus Eriksson Favorite characters
Rasism i Fantomen Magnus Eriksson Racism in the Phantom
Kvinnliga Fantomer Jan-Ola Sjöberg Female Phantoms
Serieoriginal – Samlarobjekt, konst och hantverk Magnus Eriksson Original artwork
Vid sidan om Fantomen Arne Olin Back-up strips
Priset på Fantomen Håkan Eriksson Price of Fantomen
Fantomen i tiden Magnus Eriksson The Phantom through the ages
Fantomen på olika språk Magnus Eriksson The Phantom in differen languages
Scandinavian Chapter – en kort historik Brian Jensen History of Scandinavian Chapter