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Dynamite stories

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This is a list of the stories produced by American publisher Dynamite Entertainment for their line-up of comic books.


Dynamite's production of Phantom stories has revolved around alternate versions and team-ups.

They began with the series The Last Phantom which was a new interpretation of the character, that lasted 12 issues and an annual.

During this time, the Phantom also made a cameo appearance in Dynamite's Flash Gordon comics. From then on, the Phantom has only appeared in team-up events, such as Legenderry and Kings Watch.

For the most part, Dynamite's stories take place in separate continuities for each series, so there is no coherent chronology for all the Dynamite stories.

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The Last Phantom

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Ghostwalk Chapter 1: Phantom Living" Beatty Ferigato
2 "Ghostwalk Chapter 2: Ghost Hunters" Beatty Ferigato
3 "Ghostwalk Chapter 3: The Warmakers" Beatty Ferigato
4 "Ghostwalk Chapter 4: Ghost Ship" Beatty Ferigato
5 "Ghostwalk Chapter 5: Jungle to Jungle" Beatty Ferigato
6 "Ghostwalk Chapter 6: The Falling Man" Beatty Ferigato
7 "Jungle Rules Chapter 1" Beatty Ferigato
8 "Jungle Rules Chapter 2: The Falls That Kill You" Beatty Ferigato
9 "Jungle Rules Chapter 3: Gardens of Plenty" Beatty Ferigato
10 "Jungle Rules Chapter 4: A Cave is Not a Home" Beatty Ferigato
11 "Jungle Rules Chapter 5: Youth in Revolt!" Beatty Ferigato
12 "Jungle Rules Chapter 6: The Eden Pool" Beatty Ferigato
13 "Skullduggery!" Beatty Desjardins

Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Zeitgeist Chapter Four: The Great Escape" Trautmann Indro Flash Gordon story with Phantom cameo appearance


# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Legenderry Chapter Four: Jungle Tales" Willingham Davila
2 "Legenderry Chapter Seven: A Feast of Souls" Willingham Davila

Kings Watch

The original Kings Watch miniseries united The Phantom, Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician and Lothar in the fight against evil forces. This miniseries was immediately followed by a solo series for Flash Gordon.

Later on separate solo series were released for all three main characters, as well as for new characters Prince Valiant and Jungle Jim.

The stories take place within a shared universe and the storylines connect in various ways and reference the events in Kings Watch. However, all characters are not mentioned or make apperances in every story. Listed below are all stories from this shared universe, but only stories where the Phantom is mentioned or makes an actual appearance (including cameos) have separate articles.

Original miniseries

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Kings Watch Part 1" Parker Laming
2 "Kings Watch Part 2" Parker Laming
3 "Kings Watch Part 3" Parker Laming
4 "Kings Watch Part 4" Parker Laming
5 "Kings Watch Part 5" Parker Laming

Flash Gordon

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "The Man from Earth" Parker Shaner
2 "Flash in the Forest" Parker Shaner
3 untitled Parker Shaner
4 "Tell the Legend" Parker Shaner Flashback to Kings Watch
5 "No One Shall Pass" Parker Jarrell, Case
6 "Flash Gordon and the Hawkmen" Parker Shaner
7 untitled Parker Shaner
8 "Skyfall" Parker Shaner
9 "Stuff of Legend" Parker Shaner

Flash Gordon Annual

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Flash's First Flight" Eliopoulos Eliopoulos
2 "Action Science Reporter!" Acker, Blacker Hicks
3 "Thirst Contact" Acker, Blacker Treece
4 "Water Ways" Acker, Blacker Ferguson
5 "Good at Anything" Parker, Cosby Rousseau

Flash Gordon Holiday Special

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Jungle Bells" McCoy Cooper
2 "Juhrg the Beast-Man" Kalan Downey
3 "Resolutions" Wellington Margarida

King: The Phantom

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "King: The Phantom Part 1" Clevinger Schoonover
2 "King: The Phantom Part 2" Clevinger Schoonover, Cody
3 "King: The Phantom Part 3" Clevinger Cody, Godlewski
4 "King: The Phantom Part 4" Clevinger Cody

King: Mandrake the Magician

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "King: Mandrake the Magician Part 1" Langridge Treece
2 "King: Mandrake the Magician Part 2" Langridge Treece
3 "King: Mandrake the Magician Part 3" Langridge Cunha, Rodriguez Flashback to the wedding of Mandrake and Narda, with Mr Walker as guest
4 "King: Mandrake the Magician Part 4" Langridge Cunha

King: Flash Gordon

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "King: Flash Gordon Part 1" Acker, Blacker Ferguson
2 "King: Flash Gordon Part 2" Acker, Blacker Ferguson
3 "King: Flash Gordon Part 3" Acker, Blacker Ferguson
4 "King: Flash Gordon Part 4" Acker, Blacker Ferguson

King: Prince Valiant

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "The Life & Times of Prince Valiant" Cosby Salas
2 "The Time & Life of Prince Valiant" Cosby Salas
3 "The Complicated Life and Infinite Times of Prince Valiant" Cosby Salas The Phantom of 1628 appears
4 "Long Live King Valiant" Cosby Salas The Phantom of 1628 appears

King: Jungle Jim

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "King: Jungle Jim Part 1" Tobin Jarrell
2 "King: Jungle Jim Part 2" Tobin Jarrell The Phantom is mentioned as a fictional character in the magazine Spiffy Tales
3 "King: Jungle Jim Part 3" Tobin Jarrell
4 "King: Jungle Jim Part 4" Tobin Jarrell

Kings Quest

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Kings Quest Part 1" Acker, Corson McDaid
2 "Kings Quest Part 2" Acker, Corson McDaid
3 "Kings Quest Part 3" Acker, Corson Bob Q, McDaid
4 "Kings Quest Part 4" Acker, Corson Bob Q
5 "Kings Quest Part 5" Acker, Corson Bob Q

Flash Gordon: Kings Cross

# Title Writer Artist Comment
1 "Kings Cross Chapter One: The Mysterious Continent" Parker Hamm, Allison
2 "Kings Cross Chapter Two: Fierce Fauna" Parker Hamm, Allison
3 "Kings Cross Chapter Three" Parker Hamm, Allison
4 "Kings Cross Chapter Four" Parker Hamm, Allison
5 "Kings Cross Chapter Five: Castle Hassle" Parker Hamm, Allison

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