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Dogai Singh

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Dogai Singh
First appearance: "Death in the Sky"
Created by: Ulf Granberg & Jaime Vallvé

Dogai Singh is the longtime leader of the Singh Brotherhood in Team Fantomen's stories.

Fictional Biography

Early Life

Dogai's mother died when he was born, and his father - a prince of the Singh Brotherhood - died when Dogai was a child. Dogai and his five year older brother Hahmad were raised in a jungle palace by Lord Anwar Sahak. When Hahmad was 16, he left to be a Singh pirate. After a while, Dogai missed his brother and left the palace. In the jungle, Dogai was saved from a panther by the Phantom, who returned Dogai to the palace. At that time, Dogai did not know he had met the Phantom, nor did the Phantom know that Dogai was a Singh prince.

At the age of 16, Dogai was sent to Kabai Singh, the leader of the Singh Brotherhood, where Dogai would train under Sikmal Singh. Dogai was appaled by Kabai's apperance and even more so by his brother Hahmad's, whom he met for the first time in five years. Hahmad would have been next in line the Singh leadership, but his reckless behaviour caused Kabai to consider his own nephew, Ahmed Singh instead. Dogai was also gaining a good reputation as a cunning strategist. A kindapping operation led by Dogai was however thwarted by the Phantom. Shortly thereafter, Kabai Singh was killed by Sala. Hahmad and Ahmed were now fighting openly over the leadership, and Dogai was supporting his brother. As a strategic move, Ahmed approached Dogai, proposing him to betray Hahmad. In return Ahmed promised to appoint Dogai as his second-in-command, although secretly planning to have him killed as soon as Hahmad is out of the way. However, Dogai is eventually able to defeat both of them, gassing Ahmed to death and incarcerating Hahmad, thereby gaining full control of the Brotherhood. The Road to Power

Leadership of the Singh Brotherhood

In order to secure his position as leader of the Brotherhood, Dogai captured the Phantom and intended to execute him at the abandoned prison Hell's Gate. The execution was interrupted by news of Hahmad's escape, and a short civil war within the Brotherhood followed. Hahmad's faction was quickly defeated by Dogai's troops, and Dogai devised a plan where Hahmad and the Phantom would fight each other for freedom. They would fight on an uninhabitated island filled with traps, but Hahmad would be assisted by his soldiers while the Phantom would be alone. Of course Dogai had no intention of letting anyone off the island alive, but his plan backfired. The Phantom managed to escape while Hahmad was killed in a trap. The New Leader

Dogai led the Brotherhood from the shadows and led the Brotherhood not only to traditional acts of piracy but also into business ventures. As a mysterious business man Dogai informed one of his subcommanders called Pahksee that his company Air Unlimited would no longer be receiving financial support from the Brotherhood and that the only way that he would be able to keep the company running was if managed to secure the Stevens Contract with the Diamond miners by eliminating the competition. After three failed attempts to destroy the competition Kagoda Air through luck and intervention by the Phantom Pahksee contacted Dogai about the failing plan to put Kagoda Air out of business during which Pahksee unintentionally revealing to Dogai that the new pilot employed by Kagoda Air was in fact the phantom to which Dogai gave Pahksee an ultimatum either kill the phantom and the other employees of Kagoda Air leaving no survivors or fail and die. However Pahksee is captured by the Phantom after a fierce battle in the sky and Air Unlimited is revealed to be a front for the Singh Brotherhood. Death in the Sky

After the failure of Air Unlimited, Dogai again set up one of his subcommanders, Orpheus, to run another front organization for the Singh Brotherhood, this time called Trade Unlimited. Instead of using the subcommander to conduct the mission Dogai uses a member of the brotherhood called Zandor. During a conversation with Dogai, Orpheus accidentally reveals Dogai's name which is met with anger. Dogai explained to Orpheus that the plan as to raid the cruse liner The Altamira using airships and jetpack equipped troopers.

The operation once again fails and Zandor is killed when his airship is destroyed. Orpheus once again contacts Dogai who says he expected the mission to fail with and idiot like Zandor in charge and advises Orpheus to select a better leader for future assignments. Hostage of the Singh Pirates

Dogai next encountered the Phantom after discovering that the phantom had recovered the White Horseman through an advertisement the Phantom placed in the Bengali News classifieds while trying to locate any descendants of the pirate Seymour Barr which Dogai recognized as the pirate who was once in possession of the White Horseman. Upon reading the article Dogai orders one of his servants to summon the leaders of the Eight circles of the brotherhood. once the leaders are assembled Dogai recounts to them the history of the Brotherhoods involvement with the White Horseman. Dogai tells them of how the White horseman used to be in possession of the Brotherhood back in the early days of the brotherhood until it was stolen from them. When the White Horseman was retrieved it was taken to a floating island where the brotherhood believed it to be safe however when the pirates returned they found that the chest was missing believed to have been thrown into the ocean. Dogai then proceeds to state that the brotherhood need to retrieve the White Horseman once again and selects Wan-Gaij to pretend to be a descendant of Barr and meet with the phantom. Months later the Phantom receives a letter from Wan-Gaij who uses the alias of Will Greed who claims to be a descendant of the pirate Barr. Together Wan-Gaij and the Phantom travel to the floating island to see the remains of the pirate Barr where Wan-Gaij's deception is revealed. During the fight that followed Wan-Gaij's Singh Emblem is revealed on his necklace. Wan-Gaij managed to escape from the floating island and the Phantom in the boat that they arrived in after shooting the boatman only to be attacked and knocked overboard by Devil. After returning to Dogai the now skull-marked Wan-Gaij tells Dogai that the Phantom has the White Horseman, upon hearing this Dogai decides to lead the mission himself. Dogai sends his pirates to set a trap for the Phantom by gaining his attention through attacking the the coastal Mori tribe, rounding up all of the villagers except one who goes to call the Phantom. With help from the Bandars, the Singh pirates are overpowered and the Phantom and Dogai meet face to face for the first time. They fight, and Dogai believes he has managed to kill the Phantom, when Guran and the Bandars arrive in the last minute. Dogai jumps off a cliff, and is presumed dead - but the Phantom has survived, barely. The Floating Island

Dogai survives again and starts a new scheme called Operation Storm Maker which in order to achieve has his men kidnap scientists and meteorologists. However the Phantom discovers the abandoned boat of the recently the kidnapped meteorologist Karl Smith drifting at sea while enjoying a vacation on Eden. After discovering blood on the boat, the Phantom becomes suspicious and even more so when the Security Police want to interview him over what he has seen. At Security Police Headquarters it is revealed to the Phantom that a number of scientists and meteorologists have gone missing and he therefore begins to investigate. The Phantom finds out that a boat called the Orion was seen in the area by members of the Mori tribe. The crew of the Orion had shot at the Mori when they came near. Tracing the ship back to a front company for the Singh Brotherhood called Sea Knight L.T.D., the Phantom starts to ask questions of Dixon, the owner of the company. After the Phantom leaves Dixon makes contact with Dogai about the Phantom snooping and when the Phantom comes back at night to investigate further, Dixon and his men apprehend him. Recognizing that the man that they captured is the Phantom, Dixon takes him to see Dogai Singh's lair located within a volcanic crater so the Singh Leader can deal with the Phantom himself. Dogai Singh proceeds to tell the Phantom of his plan to use the kidnapped meteorologists to allow the Singh Brotherhood to control hurricanes and use them to threaten and destroy cities the first of which will be a city in Bengali. When a suitable hurricane is found Dogai instructs his men to take the Phantom to be executed though expresses sadness that he is not able to dispatch his arch enemy himself. However the Phantom manages to escape and returns to the Singh base to free the meteorologists and stop Dogai Singh plan which is now in motion. As Dogai's planes are being prepared for launch the phantom sabotages them much to the frustration of Dogai Singh who curses the Phantom and orders his men to find and kill him. However the Phantom is able to free the meteorologists and destroy the the Singh Lair. Dogai escapes the destruction in an Aircraft but the phantom pursues him grabbing onto the outside of the Aircraft. Dogai tries to force the phantom to lose his grip on the plane and plummet to his death but as the aircraft breaks through the glass roof of the ruined base the phantom manages to get aboard and begins to wrestle a gun out of a pirates hands. While the phantom is preoccupied Dogai Singh tries to kill him with a concealed knife, throwing it at him only to miss and hit the pilot causing the plain to crash into the ocean the phantom survives and makes his way to the meteorologists boat were he is left to ponder the fate of Dogai Singh. The Storm Maker

Dogai Singh again survives and plots to take revenge on the Phantom. After it is revealed through the interrogation of a drug dependent Bandar that the Phantom has a wife and two children. After ordering the Bandar warrior's execution Dogai creates a plan to divert the Phantoms attention in order to kidnap his family so that Dogai can kill him as he tries to save his family. The plan is a success and the Singh pirates manage to capture Diana and the children while the phantom is preoccupied with the diversion. The Revenge of Dogai Singh

Later life

Dogai Singh in poor health.

Dogai has been presumed dead on several occasions, and his health suffered in later years. He was believed to be killed by Khermet who assumed leadership, but Khermet was soon murdered by Dogai's daughter Sandal Singh who took control over the Brotherhood. Meanwhile, Dogai was hiding in a remote coastal house in Sotuland. The New Leader

Possible future

Terminally ill with cancer, Dogai is put in suspended animation until a cure is found. The treatment leaves him vulnerable to substances found in the air, and he needs to wear a protective suit at all times. After a battle with the 23rd Phantom in the year 2050, Dogai's suit is slightly damaged, and the air that leaks in leads to his death. The Phantom vs Singh 2050


This list of appearances is considered to be complete, with reservations for the possibility of mistakes.

Team Fantomen stories

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"The 22nd Phantom, Part 2" Lindahl Lindahl
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"The Phantom vs Singh 2050" Reimerthi Lindahl Set in a possible future