Die Sprechblase

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Die Sprechblase (i. e. "The Speech Bubble") is a longgoging german comic magazine that was first published by Norbert Hethke Publishing in 1978, after Hethke's death in 2007, the magazine was published by the Viennese publishing house Abenteuer pur!, the magazine has then been published by bsv Hannover since 2019, at the End of May 2022, No 246 was released.

The focus of The Speech Bubble is secondary articles on the subject of comics, in addition, various comic classics appear in German for the first time in the magazine.

After the change in the editor-in-chief, the concept of the magazine was changed slightly and the thematic range was expanded. Under the subtitle “The wonderful world of classic comics”, the magazine is now increasingly aimed at readers who are interested in classic comics – especially from Europe.