Deadly Cargo (Westad story)

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Deadly Cargo
Deadly Cargo w.jpg
Produced for: Bellona Magasin 1/1989
# of pgs: 15
Writer: Terje Emberland
Artist: Knut Westad
Original colorist: unknown
Producer: Semic/Nordisk Forlag

"Deadly Cargo" is a 1989 Team Fantomen story written by Terje Emberland and drawn by Knut Westad.

Plot synopsis

Guran and Tom-Tom find the body of a dead Llongo man, Lmbedo, on the same beach where the first Phantom was washed ashore more than 400 years ago. However - before he died he had written "Hydra" in the sand, and the Phantom realizes that one of his most feared enemies has returned.

At the funeral The Phantom promises the Llongo chief to find the responsible, and after asking some questions at Blue Dragon bar he nearly finds himself drowned by Hydra men in the Morristown docks. At the last moment he is saved by a friend of Lmbedo named Aissha.

Meanwhile, Dr. Beleh of the University Hospital, one of Dr Axel's co-workers, has found out that Lmbedo died from toxic poison, and through Aissha, they learn that the man responsible for his death, as well as for severe dumping of toxic waste, is a wealthy business man Janus Van Dreck. Dr. Beleh and The Phantom pay Van Dreck a visit, but end up captured by his employees, and before they manage to escape, Van Dreck flees the country. However, The Phantom finds evidence that the Bengali trade minister was the one making Van Dreck's business possible, and he turns him over to President Luaga.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Lmbedo of Llongo
  • Aissah




Old jungle sayings

  • "There are times when the Phantom leaves the jungle and walks the streets of the town like an ordinary man."


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