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(La) Collection à 8 Francs (words meaning "The series at 8 Francs") was a French comic books series, released - without numbering - from the end of 1944 to 1946 by Editions S.A.G.E.


Nb: The "Franc" was the French currency before the changeover to the Euro currency, but here it represented what it was usually called "old Francs" because of a radical change decided in 1960 when 100 old Francs were being transformed into 1 new Franc; so 8 Francs in the forties were just 0,08 new Franc (or yet 8 cents) in the sixties.

In a total of 66 comic-books, 7 were devoted to the The Phantom. Others issues featured popular comics such as Mandrake the Magician, Tim Tyler's Luck, The Lone Ranger, Secret Agent X-9.

If the series took place between the two "Aventures et Mystère" series released, by the same publisher, before and after the World War II, its quality was not however as good as them. The size of oblong format was smaller and each issue had fewer pages as the paper was rarer in the two years following the end of the war. The price was also less expensive due to the economic restrictions of this time. It's also worth noticing that, as new Phantom adventures were not yet available, only pre-war already published material was released, something being then a way to save printing costs too.


The covers did not have drawings specifically illustrating scenes from the episodes but rather the first page of the story, in colour.

"Cover" gallery

Issue overview (Phantom issues only)

Published Issue Order
4th quarter of 1945 Le Fantôme du Bengale
4th quarter of 1945 Le cimetière des baleines
1st quarter of 1946 La vengeance d'Achmed
2nd quarter of 1946 Le Fantôme est à Londres
2nd quarter of 1946 Tommy a disparu
3rd quarter of 1946 Le Fantôme et les pygmées
3rd quarter of 1946 Le secret du Fantôme


Phantom stories

Only two stories was published in this series.

Newspaper stories

Issue order Title Writer Artist
1, 2, 3, 6, 7
"The Singh Brotherhood" Falk Moore
4, 5
"Little Tommy" Falk Moore