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Site History started life as a discussion forum. It was created because Joe Douglas felt that the original Phantom forum was too overrun by disrespectful posters. Others mentioned they would prefer a more respectable environment to discuss their hero. Hence the creation of the Chronicle Chamber forums on April 4, 2006.

It started as a Forum, then morphed into a website. Now 15 years later it is a multi platform website featuring the first and only Phantom podcast (X-Band: The Phantom Podcast) with 150+ episodes. Like most websites, Chronicle Chamber also has had many designs and people involved with the content and management of the website.

In 2017, after moving to the UK, Douglas handed the reighs over to the current team.

In 2020, they published their first licensed book to raise money for Red Cross in response to the Australian bushfires in the summer of 2019/2020. It was titled "The Phantom Bushfire Appeal Phundraiser book"


Originally was mainly a site of reference. There was no point trying to emulate what was already being done elsewhere. So the website became more about news, reviews, interviews and articles.

Originally X-Band was a newsletter which later became the first Phantom Podcast. Together with the podcast, Chronicle Chamber brings Phantom related news, creator interviews and much more.


All comics from around the world are reviewed either on YouTube videos and or Comics and News Podcasts.


Chronicle Chamber interview a creator at least once a month ranging from comic creators to film and tv stars. Some of the guests have been:

Talking Drums

Along with interviews and news Chronicle Chamber also write articles on Phantom history, memorabilia and opinion pieces.

Preservation Project

One of the projects Chronicle Chamber are a apart of is preserving Phantom history that which can be digitised and thus easily accessed by phans. To this end, the Phantom Preservation Project was created which houses various Phantom- related videos, club newsletters, audio files, artwork, video game files and other printed media.