Carlos Cruz

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Carlos Cruz
Biographical information
Born: 1930
Died: 2018
Nationality: Mini spain.gif Spanish
Occupation: Artist
Website: N/A

Carlos Cruz González (1930-2018) was a Spanish artist.

He was born and raised in Spain and began to work as a professional artist at the age of 17. In 1949 he moved to Argentina where he continued his art career.

In the 1960s he returned to Spain, and began to work for the British published Fleetway on various comics. In the 1970s he drew "Dan Dare".

Cruz joined Team Fantomen in 1988. In 2004, Cruz drew his last Phantom story, which also was the last story of Norman Worker.

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Phantom work by Carlos Cruz


Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Kano and Aybol" Avenell Cruz
2 "Mystery of the Golden Rune, Part 4: Cagliostro Mystery" Worker Cruz
3 "Satan's Horn" Avenell Cruz ¤
4 "The Witches of Carpatia" Avenell Cruz
5 "The Marionettes" Avenell Cruz
6 "Wuluti's Secret" Worker Cruz
7 "The Black Fire" Worker Cruz
8 "The Drug Farm" Avenell Cruz
9 "The Death Dealers" Avenell Cruz
10 "The Man Who Never Slept" Goodall Cruz
11 "The Last Emperor" Worker Cruz
12 "The Black Death" Goodall Cruz
13 "The Boy from the Sea" Avenell Cruz
14 "The Bird Man of Bengali" Goodall Cruz
15 "A Man Called Nobody" Goodall Cruz
16 "Mojados" Tierres Cruz
17 "The King of Beggars" Hvidsten Cruz
18 "Takal's Mask" Worker Cruz
19 "The Knight of La Mancha" Worker Cruz
20 "Kukailomoko, Part 1: Destroyer of the Earth" Årnes Cruz
21 "Kukailomoko, Part 2: Phan-ton" Årnes Cruz
22 "Kukailomoko, Part 3: The City of Slaves" Årnes Cruz
23 "The Skull Murders" Avenell Cruz
24 "Operation Jungle Patrol" Avenell Cruz
25 "The Evil Game, Part 1" Reimerthi Cruz
26 "The Evil Game, Part 2" Reimerthi Cruz
27 "Revenge of the Hypnotist" Reimerthi Cruz
28 "Caught in the Crossfire" Reimerthi Cruz
29 "The Secret Agent" Reimerthi Cruz
30 "Duel on Destiny Top, Part 1" Reimerthi Cruz
31 "Duel on Destiny Top, Part 2" Reimerthi Cruz
32 "The Snake Cult, Part 1" Moberg Cruz
33 "The Snake Cult, Part 2" Moberg Cruz
34 "Operation Hades" Reimerthi Cruz
35 "The Royal Murder Plot, Part 2" Reimerthi Cruz
36 "Mission to the Antarctic" Avenell Cruz
37 "The Jungle Saying" Goodall Cruz
38 "Revenge of the Navajo" DePaul Cruz
39 "The Devil's Anvil" Avenell Cruz
40 "Puppets of Death" Reimerthi Cruz
41 "Worubu's Secret" Reimerthi Cruz
42 "Revenge of the Harlequin" Reimerthi Cruz
43 "The Horns of Jericho" Moberg Cruz
44 "A Deadly Game" Reimerthi Cruz
45 "The Gold Buddha" Reimerthi Cruz
46 "The Barbary Pirates" Worker Cruz
47 "The Gold Monkey" Longstreet Cruz
48 "A Deadly Choice" Moberg Cruz
49 "The Thirsty Goddess" Jönsson Cruz
50 "Shipwrecked" Worker Cruz
51 "The Hellhound" Reimerthi Cruz
52 "The Eye of Merlin" Moberg Cruz
53 "The Treasure in Ronda" Hedman Cruz
54 "The Horn of Roland" Worker Cruz