Captain Weeks

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Captain Weeks
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First appearance: "The Hunt for the Unknown Commander"
Created by: Tony DePaul & Paul Ryan

Captain Weeks is the grandson of former deputy head of the Jungle Patrol, Colonel Weeks.

Fictional Character Biography

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Notable Appearances

Daily & Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Hunt for the Unknown Commander" DePaul Ryan Unconfirmed until "Terror's Mutiny" (May 27th and 29th strips)
"The Return of Colonel Weeks" DePaul Ryan
"Terror's Mutiny" DePaul Ryan
"John X" DePaul Ryan
"Patrolman X" DePaul Ryan
"The Wiseguy" DePaul Beatty
"The Phantom Stamp" DePaul Manley
"A Reckoning with the Nomad" DePaul Manley
"Dungeons Undone" DePaul Manley
"The Commander Will See You Now" DePaul Weigel