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For the tribe, see Boro (tribe)

Borislav Pavlović
Biographical information
Born: December 11, 1954
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini yugoslavia.png Mini croatia.png
Yugoslavian / Croatian
Occupation: Cover artist, Artist
Website: N/A

Borislav "Boro" Pavlović is an artist and a cover artist.


Boro was born in 1954 in former Yugoslavia and moved to Norway in 1992. He has drawn several comics for the French album market, including "Roxalane" and "El Niño". He has drawn the comic "Pelle & Proffen", written by Eirik Ildahl, for the Norwegian Fantomet magazine.

He has been a cover artist for various Phantom publications in Norway, and has inked one Team Fantomen story. For most of his covers, he has cooperated with colorists such as Boada, Liv Jacobsen, and Volker Zibell.

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Phantom work by Borislav Pavlović


Team Fantomen stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Wanted - For Murder" Pettersen Nagy, Boro


Fantomet covers

Fantomets Krønike covers

Fantomet Gullalderen covers

Additional covers