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The editor-in-chief reads the news that president Singh is dead

Bengali Bugle is a daily newspaper in Morristown, in Team Fantomen stories. It has reported a number of breaking news stories of political corruption in Bengali, including the news that president Luaga kept an opponent locked up in a secret prison for years without due process and the news that president Singh was involved with the Rodian government to operate slave labour camps.

Journalist Moses Mobele works for the Bengali Bugle.


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Daily and Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Tiger Girl" Falk McCoy

Team Fantomen stories

Title Reporting
"The Bank Robbers" 5 million pounds stolen after National Bank robbery
"The Redeemer, Part 1: Healing Hands" President's son stabbed in restaurant drama
"The Redeemer, Part 2: The Farm" President Luaga has kept Lubanga in a secret prison
"Wipe out Bengete" Reports how police stops terrorists from setting fire to Bengete
"The Devil Camp" Famous politician involved with slave labour
"Singh War, Part 2: Rodiagate" President Singh is a pirate responsible for slave labour camps