Ashwin Chacko

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Ashwin Chacko
Biographical information
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini ireland.gif Irish
Occupation: Artist, Colorist, Editorial people
Website: Whacko Ink

Ashwin Chacko is a colorist who colored several stories for "Lightning Strike Comics". He also inked story "The Wolf Who Walks", drawn by David McDonagh. Chacko also was co-editor of The Phantom Dublin Comic Con 80th Anniversary Special.

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Phantom work by Ashwin Chacko


# Title Writer Artist
1 "On The Phantom's Trail" Keogh McMonagle
2 "The Wolf Who Walks" O'Reilly McDonagh, Chacko
3 "From the Shadow of a Ghost, Part 1" Williams Saviuk
4 "Final Chapter" Eriksson Roche
5 "From the Shadow of a Ghost, Part 2" Williams Saviuk