Alexander's Diamond Cup

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Alexander's Diamond Cup
Alexander's Diamond Cup.jpg
Start date: September 20th, 1970
End date: February 7th, 1971
# of strips: 21 pages
Writer: Lee Falk
Artist: Sy Barry
Original colorist: KFS staff
Preceded by: "The Beach"
Followed by: "The Tale of the
Gooley-Gooley Witch

"Alexander's Diamond Cup" is the 81st Phantom Sunday story. The story was written by Lee Falk and drawn by Sy Barry.

Plot synopsis

Rex and Tom-Tom ask the Phantom to show them the treasure room. The Phantom shows them artifacts such as Excalibur, the snake that killed Cleopatra, Ceasar's golden laurel and the Diamond Cup of Alexander the Great, made from a single diamond.

In Morristown at the Explorers Club Professor Hodges' stories of his research of the diamond cup attract the attention of of a captain. The professor has evidence that the diamond cup is in the Deep Woods guarded by somebody who calls himself "the Phantom". They form a partnership in order to finance a project to search for and find the diamond cup and bring it to Morristown. The professor and captain call on a number of millionaires to support the project financially.

When the captain has sold half the diamond cup five times over to wealthy backers, professor Hodges realizes that the captain is only after the money with no intention of actually searching for the cup. He takes his car into the jungle and starts to call out for the Phantom. The captain shows up with a gun and insists that the professor return to Morristown to continue the scam. At that moment Bandars warriors show up aiming poisonous arrows at them.

The Bandars take them on a walk through the deep forests, past the Phantom Head Peak, through The Whispering Grove and to the Skull Cave. There they are met by the Phantom who brings them to the Major Treasure Room and shows them the diamond cup. The captain pulls out his gun and demands to have the cup. The Phantom tricks him by asking if he also would like to have the diamand vase, quickly disarming him. While the lioness Kateena is guarding the captain, the Phantom shows the professor the historical artifacts in the treasure room, insisting that he does not own them, only keeping them safe for all humanity.

The professor and captain are taken away by the Bandars and picked up by the Jungle Patrol, to be tried by a court for embezzlement.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Professor Hodges
  • Captain
  • Mealy





Behind the scenes

  • Although presumably set in contemporary Bengali, the professor drives around in a 1920s car, possibly a 1927 Ford Model A.


This story has been published in the following publications:

Mini argentina.gif Argentina

Mini australia.gif Australia

Mini brazil.gif Brazil

Mini canada.gif Canada

  • Le Soleil September 18, 1970 – February 5, 1971
  • La Patrie September 20, 1970 – February 7, 1971

Mini colombia.gif Colombia

  • El Tiempo December 6, 1970 – March 28, 1971

Mini denmark.gif Denmark

Mini finland.gif Finland

Mini france.gif France

Mini greece.png Greece

  • "Το διαμαντενιο ποτήρι του μεγαλου Αλεξανδρου" (romanized as "To diamantenio potiri tou megalou Alexandrou"), Fantom #26 (1975)

Mini iceland.gif Iceland

  • Vikan July 1, 1971 – November 18, 1971

Mini india.gif India

Mini italy.gif Italy

Mini norway.gif Norway

Mini Portugal.gif Portugal

Mini spain.gif Spain

Mini sweden.gif Sweden

Mini turkey.gif Turkey

Mini usa.gif USA

Mini germany.gif West Germany

Mini yugoslavia.png Yugoslavia