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A Capital

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A Capital was a Portuguese newspaper that published "The Phantom" Sunday strip with the title "O Fantasma" in the comics supplement "Quadradinhos" from 1971 to 1974.


A Capital published their first 8 pages comic supplement called A Capital\Quadradinhos on October 4 1971. The publishing date is printed on the first page and the supplements were unnumbered. It was a weekly supplement each Monday until February 14, 1972, printed in format 29 × 40.5 cm. The Quadradinhos supplement reduced the size to 20.5 × 29 cm and increased the page number to 24 on February 21, 1972. Now each issue had a ongoing numbering on the first page. Issue #50 was titled as Especial/Aniversário and had 64 pages with the cover drawn by Saul Marques Ferreira. The series ended in April 1974 after 109 issues.

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The Phantom has appeared on the covers of the following issues of Quadradinhos:

Published stories

Original story title Start issue End issue Comment
"The Tale of the Gooley-Gooley Witch" #0/1 (October 4, 1971) #0/13 (December 27, 1971)
"The Stolen Trophy" #0/14 (January 3, 1972) #5 (March 27, 1972)
"The Wig" #6 (April 3, 1972) #18 (July 3, 1972)
"Tale of the Good Mark" #19 (July 10, 1972) #32 (October 9, 1972)
"The Smugglers" #33 (October 16, 1972) #46 (January 29, 1973)
"The Massacre" #47 (February 5, 1973) #61 (May 14, 1973)
"The Bike Gang" #71 (July 23, 1973) #77 (September 3, 1973)
"The Hawk Master" #78 (September 10, 1973) #84 (October 22, 1973)
"The Sky Divers" #84 (October 22, 1973) #92 (December 17, 1973)
"Rex and the Little People" #92 (October 22, 1973) #105 (March 18, 1974) no Phantom pages in issue #97 from January 21, 1974
"The Golden Wood" #106 (March 25, 1974) #109 (April 15, 1974) incomplete