Vinicius Andrade

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Vinicius Andrade
Biographical information
Born: 19??
Died: N/A
Nationality: Mini brazil.gif Brazilian
Occupation: Colorist
Website: N/A

Vinicius Andrade is a colorist from Brazil.


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Phantom work by Vinicius Andrade


Dynamite stories

# Title Writer Artist
1 "Ghostwalk Chapter 1: Phantom Living" Beatty Ferigato
2 "Ghostwalk Chapter 2: Ghost Hunters" Beatty Ferigato
3 "Ghostwalk Chapter 3: The Warmakers" Beatty Ferigato
4 "Ghostwalk Chapter 4: Ghost Ship" Beatty Ferigato
5 "Ghostwalk Chapter 5: Jungle to Jungle" Beatty Ferigato
6 "Ghostwalk Chapter 6: The Falling Man" Beatty Ferigato
7 "Jungle Rules Chapter 1" Beatty Ferigato
8 "Jungle Rules Chapter 2: The Falls That Kill You" Beatty Ferigato
9 "Jungle Rules Chapter 3: Gardens of Plenty" Beatty Ferigato
10 "Jungle Rules Chapter 4: A Cave is Not a Home" Beatty Ferigato
11 "Jungle Rules Chapter 5: Youth in Revolt!" Beatty Ferigato
12 "Jungle Rules Chapter 6: The Eden Pool" Beatty Ferigato