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I have read Fantomen for a very long time. My favourite writers are Norman Worker and Claes Reimerthi; favourite artists are Jaime Vallvé and Hans Lindahl.

Stuff that needs to be developed further

Timeline of the 21st Phantom

If the 21st Phantom was born in 1939, he is today 82 years old.

Year Reason for the date
1945 The Phantom appears to be 5 or 6 years old in "Eden". The story is set in 1945 according to this story
1988 Travels to Mexico for a chrystal skull
2001 "Class of 2001" graduates from The Jungle Patrol in "The Invisible Phantom"
2005 The Phantom fights Lubanga; the story is set in 2005 according to Dr Aron Cartwright's gravestone
2012 The Bandar Idol
2013 A centennial wave returns according to The Haunted Bay
2014 The Phantom helps Dave Palmer this year, according to this story

Newspapers in Bengali

Name Appears in
Bengali Bugle Lots of places
Bengali News Here, here, here, here, here
The Bengali Post Here
Bengali Press Here, here
Bengali Times Lots of places
Daily News Here
The Gazette Here, here
Moribar Herald Here
Morristown Gazette Here, here, here
Morristown Herald Here, here
Morristown Kurier Here
Morristown Press Here, here
Morristown Times Here
Morristown Tribune Here
Morriston Press (sic) Here
Sanloi Curier Here