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User:Dark Lord Xander4/To Do List

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Welcome to the Temporary To Do List for the Phantom Wiki you are welcome to add things that you believe is missing or delete anything that you believe has been completed (For series of Issues up to near the current one). All items in the To Do List shall be listed up the top of the page and then expanded apon in there individual sections below. expansions should include Users working on items, example of what needs to be added for each item if possible. If anyone wishes to provide links to pages the To DO List specify's please add them.

The To Do List

I Believe that there are two sections to adding to the Wiki this can be classed as Maintenance and the Articles.


  • Add Template to Pages (These include Picture, Red Link and Translation Teplates)
  • Create and Improve Templates (Although we have a number of templates they have been made in there basic form and need Images/Colour that Suite the wiki also there may be some templates Missing)
  • Creation of Categories/Sub Categories
  • Categories for images(i noticed that although there is a Special Page for Image Categories there are No Images in Categories)


Two Main Article Sections are Stories and Issues

  • Stories
    • Daily Stories
    • Sunday Stories
    • Team Fantomen Stories
    • K/CH/K Stories
    • Fratelli Spada stories
  • Issues
    • Frew
    • Fantomen
    • Fantomet
    • Mustanaamio