Tullo Palasciano

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Tullo Palasciano was/is an Italian artist.


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Phantom work by Tullo Palasciano


Edited Daily stories

# Title Writer Artist Additional Fratelli Spada artist
1 "The Slave Traders Falk Moore Palasciano
2 "The Girls" Falk McCoy Palasciano

Fratelli Spada stories

# Original title Translated title Writer Artist
1 "Spionaggio nella giungla" "Spies in the Jungle" ? Palasciano
2 "La foresta fosforescente" "The Phosphorescent Forest" ? Palasciano
3 "La sorgente avvelenata" "The Poisoned Source" ? Palasciano
4 "La spedizione del Dottor Cleary" "The Shipment of Doctor Cleary" ? Palasciano
5 "Le roccia dai mille fuochi" "The Rock with a Thousand Fires" ? Palasciano