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First appearance: "The Keeper of the Peace"
Created by: Lee Falk & Sy Barry

The Tirangi is a tribe in the Bangalla jungle.

The Tirangi people are hunters. They live on slopes of the Misty Mountains. In some periods they have been headhunters The Keeper of the Peace.

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Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Keeper of the Peace" Falk Barry
"Vandal-Looters" Falk Barry mentioned
"The Cavelands" Falk Barry
"The Lake Lady" Falk Barry
"Ruler of Baronkhan" Falk Barry
"The Moxley Awards" Falk Barry mentioned, as Tiranga

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Grigor's Revenge" Knutsson Bade mentioned only
"Race Against Death" Granberg Lindahl
"Kano and Aybol" Avenell Cruz
"Tirangi's Burial Ground" Borgnes Leppänen
"The Drug Terrorists" Årnes Bade mentioned only