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The Wisdom of the Phantom (story)

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The Wisdom of the Phantom
Produced for: The Wisdom of the Phantom (1997)
# of pgs: 16
Writer: Maureen Abbott, Lloyd Bray, Kim Hill, Kay Moore, Stephen Ralph, Pat Raymond
Artist: Antonio Lemos
Original colorist: unknown
Producer: The Family Court of Australia

"The Wisdom of the Phantom" is an educational Phantom story produced in 1997 for the Family Court of Australia. The story was published in a free giveaway publication.

Plot summary

The Phantom and Diana's friends Pug and Ruby have had family trouble. They have split up and Ruby has taken the children with her. The Phantom meets them and advices them to meet counsellors from the Family Court. Although Pug and Ruby don't get back together, they agree to let the children spend time with both parents.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Pug
  • Ruby


  • Family Court of Australia


Mini australia.gif Australia