The Unknown Commander, Part 1

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The Unknown Commander, Part 1
The Unknown Commander, Part 1.jpg
Produced for: Fantomen 18/1980
# of pgs: 32
Writer: Norman Worker
Artist: Georges Bess
Original colorist: N/A
Producer: Semic Press

"The Unknown Commander, Part 1" is a 1980 Team Fantomen story, written by Norman Worker, with art by Georges Bess.

Plot summary

A filming team has just visited the headquarter of the Jungle Patrol and colonel Worubu is somewhat annoyed that he cannot tell who is the Commander, nor details how it was founded. He therefore writes a letter to the Commander and asks for some answers. The Phantom gets a good laugh when he reads the letter, but then decides to tell a selected crowd in the Skull Cave the story, though not Worubu.

Kulai Singh, the leader of the Singh Brotherhood, appears to Chandra Sykharn, the lord of one of the countries in the Misty Mountains, and offers him to join the Singh Brotherhood to help solve his financial problems. After Chandra Sykharn agrees and is sworn in, he is sent to infiltrate the Jungle Patrol as a new colonel, since Kulai has arranged that the old one, Lord Cardingham, has died in a "hunting accident" due to a malfunctioning weapon. The order promoting Chandra Sykharn to colonel is in totally perfect order and, unfortunately, the 14th Phantom is in Europe with no way for the patrolmen to see the danger.

Colonel Sykharn drives the men so hard that the best of them chooses to leave the patrol. (They got the worst part.) replacements are Singh pirates and beat up a couple of natives in order to bring in some money for their services. This makes Major Douglas Wild, the second in command when the Commander is gone, says that he is discharging the colonel, though to no use; he and another officer named Caution are imprisoned, but Major Wild sees the seven circles on the inside of "Colonel" Sykharn's wrist and he realizes the whole Singh plan.

However, Sergeant Tagga suddenly frees him and he is informed that when the rest of the real Patrol heard that he had been imprisoned, they rebelled. Major Wild is then taken out to a place in the jungle where the rest of the men are; they had not really quit as patrolmen.

Meanwhile, the wife of the 14th Phantom, Marie Claire has become ill and is in Paris in France to get the best care available. However, she does not respond to the treatment. (The symptoms indicate to the modern reader that she has malaria.) Marie Claire dies and is buried in Paris. The Phantom and his son are then leaving for Bangalla, unaware of what is happening there.

When they arrive in Moribar, they are assaulted by thugs. The fight is quite hard, since there are so many thugs, but then some real patrolmen show up and save the day. They are then briefed on what has happened.

The Phantom, his son, and Major Wild use a secret tunnel that goes from a poisoned well to the office of the Commander. They then head for the ammunition store and blow it up. The real Jungle Patrol attacks the headquarters and "Colonel" Sykharn flees through the gates with the Phantom pursuing him. Sykharn falls into a quicksand pit and, after the Phantom saves him, Sykharn shoots the Phantom. Later, the Phantom's son and Major Wild find the Phantom lying by his horse. The 14th Phantom is immediately taken to the Skull Cave but he realizes that he will die and therefore the 15th Phantom swears the Oath of the Phantom shortly before his father dies.


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