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The Unknown Commander

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The 21st Phantom acting as the Commander of the Jungle Patrol.

The Unknown Commander is the highest ranked officer in the Jungle Patrol. The Phantom is the unknown commander, and he issues most of his orders through the safe in his office, which he accesses via the Abandoned Well. He also communicates with the Jungle Patrol (normally through Colonel Worubu) using the radio X Band, as a 'voice in the dark' at the Jungle Patrol Monument, or as an officer, with his face covered by sunglasses, a cap, and a Jungle Patrol uniform.


When the 6th Phantom founded the Jungle Patrol in 1664, it was no secret that he was the patrol's commander. This was the practice until 1831, when the infiltrator Chandra Sykharn from the Singh Brotherhood murdered the 14th Phantom. This led to the 15th Phantom leading the patrol in secret, which has been the practice since then.

On rare occasions, the 21st Phantom has led the Patrol directly, but then wearing a Jungle Patrol uniform instead of his usual Phantom suit.


Only includes appearances where the 21st Phantom has appeared as the Commander in Jungle Patrol uniform.

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Daily/Sunday stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"The Return of Colonel Weeks" DePaul Ryan

Team Fantomen stories

Title Writer Artist Comments
"Death of a Patrolman, Part 2: Tracking the Killers" Avenell Leppänen
"Operation Jungle Patrol" Avenell Leppänen
"The Commander is Dead" Avenell Leppänen
"Annihilate All Singh" Reimerthi Boix
"Return of the Commander, Part 2 Reimerthi Boix