The Secret of the Golden Snake

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The Secret of the Golden Snake
Produced for: Fantomen 514/1985
# of pgs: 15
Writer: Idi Kharelli & Ed Redno
Artist: Kari Leppänen
Original colorist: unknown
Producer: Semic Press

"The Secret of the Golden Snake" is a 1985 Team Fantomen story, written by Idi Kharelli and Ed Redno with art by Kari Leppänen.

Plot summary

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Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Baxter
  • Vera Cruise
  • Bulga King
  • Oliver Fist
  • Gofo of Bulgalo
  • Gnats
  • Maurice
  • Ptah



Behind the scenes

  • The story was first published as a serial in 15 parts (i.e. 15 pages), on the inside covers of the Fantomen magazine. The interior pages of Fantomen were at the time in black/white, but since "The Secret of the Golden Snake" was printed on the cover pages it was in color (thus making it the second Team Fantomen story to be originally published in color, after "Flame").
  • However, the parts were published out of sequence. The intention was that it wasn't until all parts had been published and collected that the story could be read. The first issue of the story also contained a booklet that the pages of the story could be glued into.
  • The parts (pages) had individual titles so they could be placed in the correct reading order in the booklet. The story titles are (in reading order):
  1. "Guldormen" ("The Golden Snake")
  2. "Förräderi i Bulagolo" ("Treason in Bulagolo")
  3. "Elefanternas kyrkogård" ("The Elephants' Graveyard")
  4. "Bombeles förbannelse" ("The Curse of Bombele")
  5. "Elefantmännens hämnd" ("The Revenge of the Elephant Men")
  6. "I ormpelarens skugga" ("In the Shadow of the Snake Pillar")
  7. "Skeletthanden" ("The Skeleton Hand")
  8. "I dödens famntag" ("In Death's Embrace")
  9. "Vulkanens väktare" ("The Guardians of the Volcano")
  10. "Det försvunna Hadi-Wamm" ("The Lost Hadi-Wamm")
  11. "Ormgudens vrede" ("The Wrath of the Snake God")
  12. "I offerbrunnens djup" ("In the Depth of the Sacrifice Pit")
  13. "Den yttersta dagen" ("The Last Day")
  14. "Girighetens pris" ("The Price of Greed")
  15. "Genom eldhavet" ("Through the Sea of Fire")
  • When the story was reprinted in Norway in 1986, it was again published in serialized form with a booklet to collect the pages in.
Sample of the 3D version of the story.
  • Later, the story was processed by Ray Zone and published as a 3D supplement, that also included 3D glasses.


This story has been published in the following publications:

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