The Plutonium Wreck

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The Plutonium Wreck
Produced for: Fantomen 15/2010
# of pgs: 32
Writer: Tony DePaul
Artist: Joan Boix
Original colorist: Reprostugan
Producer: Egmont Kärnan

"The Plutonium Wreck" is a 2010 Team Fantomen story, written by Tony DePaul, with art by Joan Boix.

Plot summary

A cargo airplane is flying on low altitude across the Bengali jungle, its cargo barrels with radioactive plutonium. The airplane is piloted by Sala, who is in contact by radio with Rhodian officers who ask when she will arrive. Sala hates working for Rhodian scum but she has personal reasons to support Rhodia against Bengali. After an engine fire the airplane crashes in the Bengali jungle. Sala manages to parachute out over the jungle. The air traffic control at Morristown Airport spots the mysterious plane on radar. One of the operators alert his superior but is advised to keep silent about this.

One week later Sala is leading a group of Rhodian soldiers into Bengali to find the crashed plane. The Phantom is alerted by talking drums that Rhodian soldiers have crossed the border and decides to investigate. By following the group he learns that they are searching for a crashed airplane and inside the cargo hold he discovers the barrels.

The air traffic control operator visits the presidential palace to try to speak with president Singh. The president's national security advisor has the operator silenced.

The Rhodian commando group has found the plane and loads the barrels into a cargo helicopter. The Phantom strikes down the Rhodian radio operator and puts on his uniform. Dressed in Rhodian uniform he manages to sneak onto the helicopter. He disarms Sala and starts to shoot wildly with her pistol. The Rhodian commandos surrender immediately and supervised by the Bengali airforce the helicopter heads for a Bengali airforce base. Sala flirts with the Phantom but he parachutes over the jungle. Sala and the Rhodian commandos are arrested when the helicopter lands.

Back in the Skull Cave, Diana is surprised to learn that Sala has returned again. The Phantom believes that now that Sala has been arrested it will be a test to see if president Singh will let her have a fair trial or if she will allow Sala to disappear quietly.


Recurring characters

One-time characters

  • Ervin, Rhodian pilot
  • Rhodian general




Phantom Lore

  • Talking drums

Old Jungle Sayings

  • It is terror for the evil man to awake in darkness and see The Phantom

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