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The Phantom publications in Australia

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The Phantom has been featured in several publications in Australia.

Serialized "The Phantom" titles

Title Year(s) Issues
The Phantom (Woman's Mirror) 1938–1940 5
The Phantom (Frew) 1948–present 1882*
The Phantom Adventures 1955–1956 3
Giantsize Phantom 1957–1961
Phantom Adventure Book 1985–1987 4
Kid Phantom 2017-2020 9
The Phantom's World Special 2017-2020 12
Frew Trade Paperback 2017-present 4*

*As of the turn of 2020/2021.

"The Phantom" one-shots

Title Year
The Phantom Enrols & Votes 1988
Vote 1 Phantom 1990
The Wisdom of the Phantom 1997
Supanova Sketch Cover 2017
The Phantom Adventures Collection 2019

Anthology appearances

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As backup title

Title Issues
Super Yank Comics 2-5 & 8-19 (16 in total)
Mandrake the Magician 1 (1 in total)

In newspapers

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Title Sundays/dailies Period Comment
The Area News dailies ?-?
The Advertiser dailies 19??-present
The Cairns Post dailies
Big Rigs dailies ?-?
The Canberra Times Sundays 1979-present
Canvas dailies ?-?
Central Western Daily dailies 1957-present
The Champion-Post dailies ?-?
The Chronicle dailies 19??-present
The Courier-Mail dailies 19??-present
The Daily Examiner dailies ?-?
The Daily Liberal dailies ?-?
Daily Mercury dailies 19??-2020
The Daily News dailies ?-?
Daily Sun dailies ca 1984-?
The Daily Telegraph dailies ?-present
The Dubbo Liberal dailies ?-?
The Examiner dailies ?-?
Fraser Coast Chronicle dailies ?-2020
The Geelong Advertiser dailies/Sundays ?-?
The Gladstone Observer dailies ?-?
The Gympie Times dailies ?-?
Herald Sun dailies ?-present
The Illawarra Mercury dailies 1957-present
The Kyneton Guardian dailies ?-?
The Lithgow Mercury dailies ?-?
The Maitland Mercury dailies ?-?
The Maryborough Chronicle dailies ?-?
The Morning Bulletin dailies 19??-2020
The Newcastle Herald dailies ?-?
News-Mail dailies 19??-2020
The Northern Daily Leader dailies ?-?
The Northern Star dailies 19??-2020
The North West Star dailies ?-?
The Observer dailies ?-2020
The Queensland Times dailies ?-?
Shepparton News dailies 19??-present
Sunraysia Daily dailies ?-?
The Sunday Mail Sundays 19??-present
Sunday Tasmanian Sundays ?-present
The Sunday Telegraph Sundays ?-1967
The Sunday Times Sundays/dailies ?-?
Sunday Sun Sundays 1971-?
The Sunshine Coast Daily dailies 19??-2020
The Swan Hill Guardian dailies ?-?
Townsville Bulletin dailies ?-1985
Wagga Daily Advertiser dailies ?-?
The Western Advocate dailies ?-?

In magazines

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Title Sundays/dailies Period Comment
The Australian Woman's Mirror dailies/Sundays 1936-1961
Everybody's Magazine Sundays 1961-1968

Reference publications

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Title Year
The Phantom Reference Lists 1991
Johnson's Official Phantom Price Guide 1993 (1st ed.)
1996 (2nd ed.)
2006 (3rd ed.)
The First 50 Years of The Phantom 1998
Tribute to Lee Falk 2006
Inkspot 2017
Supanova Event Programme 2017 2017
Supanova Event Programme 2018 2018
Supanova Event Programme 2019 2019
The Phantom Bushfire Appeal Phundraiser Book 2020