The Phantom Legends: The First Phantom

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The Phantom Legends
The First Phantom
1st publication: Fantomen 21/1972
# of pages: 1
Writer: based on Lee Falk stories
Artist: based on Sy Barry stories
Producer: Semic Press
Preceded by: "The Singh Pirates"
Followed by: "The Ghost who Walks"

Plot summary

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This story has been published in the following publications:

Mini czech.gif Czech Republic

  • "Legenda o Fantomovi 2. kapitola: První Fantom", Fantom #3 (1992)

Mini denmark.gif Denmark

  • "Fantomet legenden Kapittel 2: Det første Fantom", Fantomet #55 (1975)

Mini finland.gif Finland

Mini hungary.gif Hungary

  • "Fantom legendája 2. fejezet: As első Fantom", Fantom #2 (1989)

Mini india.gif India

Mini italy.gif Italy

Mini norway.gif Norway

Mini poland.gif Poland

Mini russia.gif Russia

  • "Фантом-Легенда часть 2: Первый Фантом", Fantom #3 (1993)

Mini slovakia.gif Slovakia

  • "Legenda o Fantómovi 2. kapitola: Prvý Fantom", Fantóm #3 (1992)

Mini sweden.gif Sweden

Mini germany.gif West Germany

  • "Phantom Story 2 - Die Totenkopf-Grotte", Topix #7 (1976)