The Phantom Legends

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For the serialised Team Fantomen story by Claes Reimerthi and Joan Boix, see "The Heart of Darkness".

The Phantom Legends was a series of one-page retellings of various parts of the Phantom myth.

First version

The first version used panels from old stories (primarily by Lee Falk and Sy Barry) edited together with new text. It was produced during the 1970's by Semic Press in Sweden and have since then appeared in many publications over the world.

  1. "The Singh Pirates"
  2. "The First Phantom"
  3. "The Ghost who Walks"
  4. "The Evil and the Good Mark"
  5. "The Path to the Skull Cave"
  6. "The Bandar People"
  7. "Diana"
  8. "Rex King"
  9. "The Phantom Express"
  10. "The Rooms of the Skull Cave"
  11. "The Jungle Patrol"
  12. "The Unknown Commander"
  13. "Eden"
  14. "Katena"
  15. "The Highland Princes"
  16. "Walker's Table"
  17. "Contact with the Outside World"
  18. "President Luaga"
  19. "The Jungle Olympics"
  20. "Doctors in the Jungle"
  21. "Magic and Superstition"
  22. "The Fight Against Pirates"
  23. "Mr Walker"
  24. "Hero and Devil"
  25. "The Phantom's Women during 400 Years"
  26. "The Phantom's Legends"

Second version

In the 1980's a second version was written and drawn by Knut Westad, that did not include any old panels. It was published in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

  1. "Magicians"
  2. "The Story of Devil"
  3. "The Phantom Trail"
  4. "T"