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The Phantom Illustrated Comic

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The Phantom Illustrated Comic was a British series dedicated to The Phantom.


In 1959, L.Miller & Son Ltd. London launched the first Phantom comic to be published in England. Each black and white monthly publication ran for 68 pages (#16 to #18 were 52 pages), and sold for one shilling. The title of the comic was altered several times; other names used on the cover were The Phantom Adventures and The Phantom. From issue #4, the publisher name changed to "L.Miller & Co. (Hackney) Ltd. London". A publication year did not appear anywhere in the first six issues, but for issue #8 the copyright information was transfered from the outside back cover to the inside front cover. A publication year 1960 was shown for issues #8 to #14. It appears that publication may have ceased during 1961 because #16 was published in 1962, with a reduction in the page count. The series finished soon after with a total of only 18 issues.

A comment regarding the construction of these comics is worthwhile. The first ten or so issues had square glued spines (no staples), with the covers and inside pages printed by Manton Press in London and Monument Press in the Republic of Ireland, respectively. By issue #14, the publisher changed printers, and the entire book was printed by S.R.Verstage & Sons Ltd., Basingstoke, using inferior quality paper for the covers. The book construction was also altered (for the worse), whereby the inside pages were stapled through the front and the covers were glued over them with a square spine.

The comics reprinted edited versions of the original newspaper strip stories. All but four of the daily stories from 1953 to 1962 were printed, in addition to several daily stories from the 1945-50 period, and one Sunday story from 1957/58.

Many of the covers of these comics were credited to "Philip Wilding".

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