The Phantom Double Shot: KGB Noir

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The Phantom Double Shot: KGB Noir is a Phantom comic book mini series published by Moonstone Books. Six issues were published in 2010.


The story "The Hammer" was originally intended to run as a back-up story in various Moonstone titles. However, it was later decided that "The Hammer" would be the main story of a new Phantom mini series. Unlike all other Moonstone Phantom titles, this was published in black/white, and each issue was only 22 pages.

In addition to a 12-page Phantom story, each issue also included a back-up story featuring other Moonstone characters. The back-up stories were vaguely connected to the same plot as "The Hammer" storyline, without being proper crossovers actually featuring the Phantom.

The first and the last issue of the series were available in two cover variants. A trade paperback was later published, collecting the Phantom stories from the series.

Issue overview