The Phantom 38 (Frew)

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The Phantom #38
(#38 actually printed since 1948)
Frew 38.jpg
Cover artist: unknown
Country/language: Mini australia.gif Australia / English
Format: unknown
Pages: 24 pgs, b/w
Publishing date: September 19, 1951
Editor: unknown
Publishing company: Frew Publications
Preceded by: The Phantom #37
Followed by: The Phantom #39

The Phantom #38 is a regular issue of Australian comic book The Phantom, published in 1951


Phantom stories

Other comics

  • "Catman and Kit"


  • This issue had intended to be printed as issue #7 of the Super Yank Comics series. However, due to a problem in the production schedule it was transferred to the regular Frew The Phantom series as issue #38. Because the issue had actually been prepared for the Super Yank series, it included another unrelated story and made reference to "Next Month's Super Yank Comic Book".