The Phantom - L'Ombre qui marche

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The Phantom - L'Ombre qui marche
Cover artist: Doug Klauba
Dante back cover.jpg
Back cover artist: Doug Klauba
Litograph franklin dante.jpg
Litograph artist: D. J. Franklin
Country/language: Mini france.gif France / French
Format: 18.5 × 26.5 cm
Pages: 174 pgs, color
Publishing date: January 2009
Editor: unknown
Publishing company: Editions Dante
Preceded by: N/A
Followed by: N/A

The Phantom - L'Ombre qui marche is a French hard-cover book in which six Moonstone stories are reprinted. It's the first Phantom publication for more than a decade in France.

It was also available in a limited edition which included a signed litograph by D. J. Franklin.


Phantom stories


  • The book also contains a five pages presentation relating the story of the Phantom comic and about its French comic-books.