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The Phantom regular series was the main American comic book featuring The Phantom from late 2003 to early 2009. It was published by Moonstone Books.


After releasing graphic novels featuring the Phantom since 2002, Moonstone Books launched a comic book series with the first issue released in December, 2003. This series was the first ongoing Phantom comic book published in USA since DC Comics' The Phantom ceased publication in 1990. It was intended to be published on a bimonthly release schedule, but experienced several delays during its run.

All issues featured original stories which had not been published elsewhere. During the first eleven issues Ben Raab served as main writer, with other authors making guest appearances. Starting with #12 Mike Bullock succeeded Raab, and was main writer for the remainder of the series. The average story length also decreased from this issue on, while the release frequency increased. Since #16 Silvestre Szilagyi was the main artist, with occasional guest contributions by other artists.

The Phantom #25 was a special double-sized issue with a wraparound cover by Doug Klauba, who also was the most frequent cover artist for the series. Several of the issues (#12, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 25 and 26) are available in two variants with different covers, with one of the cover variants being limited in number.

After the series ended in January, 2009 with #26, it was succeeded by a new Phantom series from Moonstone Books entitled The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks.

The stories from this series were collected in the trade paperbacks Death in the Deep Woods, Jungle Action, The Man Who Cannot Die, and Checkmate.

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