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In the year 2010, a total of 31 issues of Australian comic book The Phantom were published.


31 issues were published in 2010, of which 23 were regular issues of 36 pages. Expanded issues were 44 pages (1 issue), 52 pages (2 issues), 100 pages (4 issues) and the 2010 annual special of 300 pages.



All issues featured wraparound covers. 19 covers were originally panels taken from story artwork. Other cover artists were Antonio Lemos (6 covers), Keith Chatto (3 covers), Glenn Ford (2 covers) and Felmang and Alex Biffignandi (1 cover). The Chatto and Ford covers were reprints of previously published covers, and the cover by Felmang and Biffignandi appeared in a different version in the Nordic countries.

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