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In the year 1998, a total of 31 issues of Australian comic book The Phantom were published.


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Cover gallery


Phantom stories

Previously unpublished Newspaper stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
1187 "The Shaman" Falk Olesen, Williams
1197 "Waterman" Falk Olesen, Williams
1197 "Joomkar's Crown" Falk Olesen, Williams
1212 "The Crater" Falk Olesen, Williams
1216 "The Vanished Village" Falk Fredericks, Olesen

Previously unpublished Team Fantomen stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
1187 "King Fatso" Moberg Felmang, Benny
1188 "The Ghost Who Died Twice" Worker Lindahl
1189 "The Devil's Anvil" Avenell Cruz
1190 "The Gold Robbers" Goodall Boix
1191 "The Island of Death" DePaul Spadari
1192 "Marabella" Reimerthi Felmang, Benny
1193 "Puppets of Death" Reimerthi Cruz
1194 "The Psychopath" Moberg Thunborg
1195 "The Phantom from the Bronx" Årnes Bade
1196 "The Royal Palace Fire" Reimerthi Lindahl
1197 "Lily Palmer's Secret" Årnes Felmang, Benny
1198 "Return of the Crocco Gang" DePaul Spadari
1199 "The Hollywood Murders" DePaul Boix
1200 "The Assassination of Prince William" Årnes Felmang, Benny
1201 "The Inheritance" Reimerthi Lindahl
1202 "Worubu's Secret" Reimerthi Cruz
1203 "City of the Skull-Marked Men" Goodall Spadari
1204 "The Betrayal" Reimerthi Bade
1205 "The Curse of Rakshasa" Ikonen, Hansegård, McLaughlin Felmang, Benny
1206 "Blind Justice" Goodall Boix
1207 "Revenge of the Harlequin" Reimerthi Cruz
1208 "Return of the Zombies" Lindahl Lindahl
1209 "Death in Central Park" Paul Boix
1210 "The Ku Klux Klan" Granberg Bade
1211 "The Ring of Death, Part 1" Leppänen Granberg
1212 "The Ring of Death, Part 2" Leppänen Granberg
1213 "The Mastermind" Lindahl Lindahl
1214 "The Star of Sekhmet" Ikonen, Hansegård, McLaughlin Felmang, Morrik
1215 "Goldhand" Lundström Bess
1216 "The Return of Goldhand" DePaul Bade
1217 "The Horns of Jericho" Moberg Cruz

Previously published Newspaper stories

Issue Title Writer Artist
1187 "Ragon's Game" Falk McCoy
1187 "The Slimming of Prince Tagon" Falk McCoy
1187 "The Reporter" Falk McCoy
1187 "The Gurk Twins" Falk McCoy
1187 "The Frame-Up" Falk Barry
1187 "The Missing Daddy" Falk Barry
1187 "Luaga's Undercover Tour" Falk Barry
1187 "S.S. Blitz" Falk Barry
1187 "Visit to Baronkhan" Falk Barry
1187 "The Necklace of Solomon" Falk Barry
1192 "U-Town" Falk McCoy
1192 "50th Wife" Falk McCoy
1203 "The Maharajah's Daughter" Falk McCoy
1209 "The Movie Stars" Falk McCoy
1209 "The Phantom's Ring" Falk McCoy
1209 "The Rope People" Falk McCoy
1209 "Phantom Treasure" Falk Barry
1209 "Tale of Joomba" Falk Barry
1216 "Oogooru and the Witchmen" Falk McCoy
1216 "The Golden Beach of Keela-Wee" Falk Barry