The Palmer family

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The Palmer family
First appearance: "The Singh Brotherhood"
Created by: Lee Falk & Ray Moore

The Palmer family is the family of one of the main protagonists in the American comic strip "The Phantom". The most prominent member is Diana Palmer-Walker, who is married to Kit Walker, the 21st Phantom. Her mother Lily and uncle Dave are frequently featured in the stories.

Over the years, several of Diana's relatives have made appearances in the stories. There are several persons who have been described as "cousins", however, Diana has also been described as her grandfather's "only grandchild", making it possible that the term "cousin" is to be taken as a more general term of relative and not neccessarily as first cousin.

This is an overview article listing all known members of the family

Fictional Family Members

Created in the Newspaper strip

Diana Palmer-Walker

Diana Palmer-Walker is married to the Phantom.

Lily Palmer

Lily Palmer is the mother of Diana.

David Palmer

David "Dave" Palmer is the brother of Lily, and uncle of Diana.

Elsie Palmer

Elsie is the only sister of Lily and Dave. The Matchmaker

H. H. Palmer

H. H. Palmer is the father of Lily, Dave, and Elsie. Diana is his only grandchild. A Proper Husband

Don Palmer

Don Palmer is a cousin of Diana. Drug Busters

Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright is a cousin of Diana. She is married to Nick Wright. Zabadabah

Ann Leslie

Ann Leslie is a cousin of Diana. She is married to Dr Leslie. The Isle of Death

Created in the Team Fantomen stories

Marie Laurant

Marie Laurant is a cousin of Diana. She is married to Jean-Paul Laurant. Evil Forces


Beth is a cousin of Diana. Mystery of the Ivy Crown

Created in the Fratelli Spada stories

Bob Harris

Bob Harris is a cousin of Diana. The Raid

Created in the Moonstone stories

Lenore Dowlish

Lenore Dowlish is an aunt of Diana. The Treasures of Bangalla