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The Nippu Jiji

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The Nippu Jiji was an American newspaper that published "The Phantom" daily strip.


The Nippu Jiji was one of the major Japanese newspapers in Hawaii with a wide readership among Japanese migrant workers. It was initially published as the Yamato (1895–96), later as Yamato Shinbun (1896–1906) - before being renamed the Nippu Jiji (1906–42) under the leadership of Yasutarō Sōga. An English section was begun in 1919. The Nippu Jiji continued to publish under US government censorship during World War II after having been temporarily shut down from December 11, 1941 until January 8, 1942. The Nippu Jiji was renamed to the Hawaii Times on November 2, 1942.

Promotion for the upcoming Phantom comic strip; from The Nippu Jiji (June 19, 1940).
Promotion for the upcoming Phantom comic strip; from The Nippu Jiji (June 20, 1940).

Published stories

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Original story title Start date End date Comment
"The Sea Horse" June 21, 1940 August 30, 1940 the last eleven weeks only
"The Game of Alvar" August 31, 1940 January 22, 1941
"Diana Aviatrix Lost" January 23, 1941 August 21, 1941
"The Phantom's Treasure" August 22, 1941 May 5, 1942 interrupted after the strip of November 18, 1941
"The Inexorables" October 7, 1942 July 24, 1943 without the first twenty three weeks; from November 4, 1942 in The Hawaii Times
"Bent Beak Broder" July 26, 1943 December 11, 1943 last three strips missing
"The Phantom's Engagement" December 13, 1943 March 13, 1944
"High Seas Highjacker" March 17, 1944 September 7, 1944
"Diana" September 12, 1944 December 20, 1944
"The Crooner" December 21, 1944 March 17, 1945
"The Maharajah's Daughter" March 17, 1945 November 19, 1945
"The Blue Gang" November 21, 1945 ?