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Menomonee Falls Gazette was a weekly tabloid published by Street Entreprises that reprinted newspaper comic strips from USA and UK. The first issue was released in December 1971, and the final issue on March 3, 1978. All together, there were 232 issues (the last issue numbered #234 by mistake). The last three issues were in a smaller format.

The Phantom appeared from the first issue to issue #223 (June, 1976) and was featured on the front cover of issues #22, 40, 60, 84, 98, 100 (with other comic heroes), 105 (with other comic heroes), 161, 196 and 223. All covers were black and white, except for issue #100 (which also received an extra-size cover in color) and for issue #52 (sepia). Two strips from the 104th Phantom Sunday story "The Wedding of the Phantom" were printed in issue #231 (December, 1977) announcing André LeBlanc becoming assistant/penciller for Sy Barry on The Phantom.

Several classical comics from various comic syndicates were published (Mandrake the Magician amongst them).

The tabloid was printed in big size (28.5 × 44.5 cm) and was folded in half. Six daily strips of each comic were reprinted on one page. Usually they were adventure and soap-opera strips. Some Sunday pages were published on the centrefold pages but not for The Phantom. Its sister publication, Menomonee Falls Guardian, published humorous strips.

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