The Major Treasure Room

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The Major Treasure Room
The Major Treasure Room.jpg
First appearance: "Treasure of the Skull Cave"
Created by: Lee Falk and Sy Barry

The Major Treasure Room is one of the rooms of the Skull Cave. It in contains several priceless artifacts, given to or found by, The Phantom, throughout the centuries. See also the Minor Treasure Room.

The treasures

Introduced in the Newspaper strip stories

# Object First appearance Story of origin
Year Story According to the Newspaper stories According to Team Fantomen stories
1 The Diamond Cup of Alexander the Great 1954 "Alexander's Cup" "The Third Phantom" / "Alexander's Cup"
(Conflicting stories)
2 Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur 1962 "Treasure of the Skull Cave" "The Legend of the Swords, Part 1: Excalibur"
3 The mummified Asp of Cleopatra 1962 "Treasure of the Skull Cave" "Cleopatra's Asp" / "The Art Collector"
(Conflicting stories)
4 The Golden Laurel of Julius Caesar 1962 "Treasure of the Skull Cave" "Jungle Adventures: Caesar's Laurel"
5 The Ivory Horn of Roland 1962 "Treasure of the Skull Cave" "The Horn of Roland"
6 The Love Potion of Tristan and Isolde 1962 "Treasure of the Skull Cave"
7 The Wedding Ring of Cleopatra 1969 "The Golden People"
8 The Golden Flower of The Golden People 1969 "The Golden People"
9 Durandal, the sword of Roland 1970 "Alexander's Diamond Cup" "The Legend of the Swords, Part 2: Durandal"
10 A Model of Noah's Ark, made from wood taken from the real Noah's Ark 1970 "Alexander's Diamond Cup" "Jungle Adventures: Secret of the Gold Container"
11 The original script of Hamlet, by William Shakespeare 1970 "Alexander's Diamond Cup"
12 The Great Ring of Nebuchadnezzar 1970 "Alexander's Diamond Cup" "Nebuchadnezzar's Ring"
13 The Necklace of Nefertiti 1970 "Alexander's Diamond Cup"
14 The Lyre of Homer 1970 "Alexander's Diamond Cup" "The Lyre of Homer"
15 The Wig from the original staging of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" 1971 "The Wig"
16 The Pen used by Shakespeare to write "Romeo and Juliet" 1974 "Phantom Treasure"
17 The Crown of Charlemagne 1994 "The Phantom Cowboy"
18 The Cowboy Hat of the 16th Phantom 1994 "The Phantom Cowboy"
19 The Crown of Emperor Joonkar 1997 "Joomkar's Crown"
20 The Carthaginian scroll 2000 "The Secret City"
21 A round shield with a small horse head insignia next to a sword and a horse head helmet (Prince Valiant) 2014 "The Scoundrel"
22 The Tenth Manuscript of the Song of Roland 2014 "The Scoundrel"
23 The Golden Fleece 2014 "The Scoundrel"

Introduced in the Team Fantomen stories

# Object First appearance
Year Story
1 The sword of Toghrul Beg, the Tartar 1977 "The Kali Sect"
2 The bottle ship made by Ben Oakes 1977 "The Ghost Pirates"
3 Model of the ship Eastern Dawn 1979 "The Floating Coffin"
4 A model of a steam train, a gift from queen Victoria 1980 "The Orient Express, Part 1"
5 A silver plated machine gun and a whip with a snake skin handle 1981 "The Trap"
6 King Solomon's ring 1982 "The Boy Detectives"
7 The Golden Panther of Croesus 1983 "The Bikie Gang"
8 The White Horseman (The White Rider) 1984 "The Floating Island"
9 Malayan dagger 1984 "The Dagger"
10 Preserved panda 1984 "Pirates of the Yellow Snake"
11 Charlemagne's sword 1984 "The Secret"
12 Galileo Galilei's telescope 1984 "Plague Infected"
13 Black Poe's sword 1985 "Black Poe's Treasure"
14 The Coffin from Bombay 1985 "The Coffin from Bombay"
15 Julie's microscope, a gift from professor Louis Pasteur in 1886 1985 "Julie"
16 A sword hilt 1986 "The Moor of Death"
17 The sword of Sultan Ibn Narud 1986 "Quabar's Secret"
18 Model of a biplane 1986 "The Cloud Pirates"
19 The copper tube 1986 "The Secret Chamber"
20 Robin Hood's Arrow 1987 "The Forest of Horrors"
21 Early edition of Red Riding Hood by the Grimm brothers and a jar with a deformed hand 1988 "The Castle of Evil"
22 Remaining script pages from an unknown play by William Shakespeare 1989 "The Hunchback"
23 Iron mask 1989 "The Iron Mask"
24 The Aztek Crystal Skull 1989 "The Crystal Skull"
25 The Moor and the Executioner 1989 "The Marionettes"
26 Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci 1989 "Night of the Jesters"
27 Paul Gaudain painting 1989 "The Black Fire"
28 The jade box 1990 "The Secret of the Pyramids"
29 Nyahpura's Sabre 1990 "The Last Emperor"
30 Novel "Hänsel and Gretel" 1991 "The Witch""
31 A bent silver tube 1991 "From the Other Side of the Grave"
32 First edition of Miguel de Cervantes' 1605 Spanish novel El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha 1992 "The Knight of La Mancha"
33 The key to Prince Saddam Ben Raschid's treasure room 1992 "The Island of the Living Dead"
34 The Venetian crystal glass 1992 "The Doomsday Weapon"
35 The snuffbox of Governor Loder 1993 "Kingdom of the Pirates"
36 The Apple of Nero's Eye, also known as The Key of Solomon 1977
"Mystery in Rome" (first appearance)
"The Sword in the Stone" (mentioned as former object in the Treasure Room)
37 An alien clothing 1996 "Mission to Antarctica"
38 First edition of Jerome K. Jerome's novel Three Men in a Boat 1997 "The Ghostly Ruins"
39 Star of Sekhmet, an Egyptian figurine with a jewel 1998 "The Star of Sekhmet"
40 President Abraham Lincoln's ceremonial sword 1999 "The Assassination of President Lincoln"
41 Gold ducat with a hole through 1999 "The Montbar Treasure"
42 Henry Morgan's pirate flag 1999 "The Black Phantom"
43 Forged letter of credit 1999 "The Lethal Science"
44 Cigar box with a dynamite cylinder 1999 "The Freedom Trail"
45 Sami hunting knife 1999 "The Barbary Pirates"
46 Head of a robot soldier 2000 "The Temple"
47 First edition of Daniel Defoe's 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe 2001 "Shipwrecked"
48 Little John's long bow 2002 "The Long Bow of Little John"
49 The Sami troll drum 2003 "Curse of the Troll Drum"
50 The Venetian doctor's mask 2003 "The Cruel Revenge"
51 A copper container with a prophecy Nostradamus gave to the 1st Phantom in 1560 2003 "Secret of the Skulls Pt 1"
52 The leather hood 2004 "The Hood"
53 The Skull Necklace 2005 "Son of the Pirate Queen, Part 1: The Skull Necklace"
54 The fake hydra 2008 "Secret of the Leech Pond"
55 Leather pouch with a rowan wreath 2009 "The Witch Hunt
56 Motorcycle from the 1950s 2010 "The Murder Victim"
57 Copy of the Kensington Runestone 2012 "The Runestone Saga"
58 The 1st Phantom's knight's armour from Malta 1986
"The Battle on Malta" (first appearance)
"Kit and Heloise on Adventure" (as object in the Treasure Room)

Introduced in the Fratelli Spada stories

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# Object First appearance
Year Story
1 William Tell's Bow 1972 "The Yellow Avalanche"
2 Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam 1972 "The Yellow Avalanche"

Introduced in the RGE stories

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# Object First appearance
Year Story
1 The Gold Belt 1981 "The Great Champion"
2 The Sword of Kangula 1983 "Betrayal in Kangula"

Behind the scenes

The Major Treasure Room was first mentioned and seen in "Treasure of the Skull Cave". The first of its objects, Diamond Cup of Alexander the Great, was however introduced eight years earlier, in "Alexander's Cup".

In "The Phantom Cowboy" a partial list of objects in the Major Treasure Room is seen for the first time.