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The Ledger is an American newspaper that has published "The Phantom" daily and Sunday strip. The newspaper serves the Lakeland, Florida and the Polk County area.

In June 1989, readers were asked to write to the paper and give their opinion on "The Phantom" since it was being considered to be dropped from the paper. A selection of overwhelmingly positive reader mail was published on July 4, 1989. But in the same issue, a vote was announced to decide which of the strips "Pogo", "Andy Capp" or "The Phantom" to drop from the comics page. The voting was open until July 20 and the results were published in the edition of July 31, 1989. 552 readers voted for "Pogo" to be dropped, 297 voted for "Andy Capp" and only 185 readers wanted "The Phantom" to be dropped.

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